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Headsets and Eggs

April was a slow month for our office. We depend on new customers finding us via our our website, and I’ve spent considerable time on website improvement and Search Engine Optimization (see my previous posting), and the analysis of the Google Analytics data looks good. Except hardly any calls. So when the opportunity arose to visit a downtown Calgary medical clinic to deliver some demos for their new ShoreTel phone system , I jumped at the chance.

When I got there the place was packed. I was a bit early, and while waiting in the hallway for my contact person to get a few free minutes, I noticed an elderly gentleman and a younger family member, both dressed in Hutterite garb,  enter the office and proceed immediately back to the doctor’s office. And strangely, he had two cartons of eggs under his arm. Now I know times are tough for a certain sector of the medical community in Alberta right now, and bartering service-for-eggs perhaps makes sense, as I think it may fall outside the Canada Health act.

About then the clinic communications person greeted me and I delivered my headset demos, did some adjustments on one of their old phone headset systems, and was on my way.  Well, almost.  Outside the door sat John (the Hutterite gentleman) and his daughter in law. John is a  72 year old egg producer, and figures he still has a few more years on the odometer. But he  has some worn out “hinges”, hence his visit to the clinic. We had a nice chat about how eggs are graded, why store eggs have thin shells, and fresh eggs have thicker shells -it has to do with shelf life- , and where he was from, and he said he wished we had time for coffee.

Well, me too John. Eggs trumped headsets today at any rate.

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