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EnGenius DuraFon Cordless Phones – Range and Safety

These are a few comments regarding range and safety of the EnGenius DuraFon long range cordless phone products.


Long Range Cordless

The short answer on range is:

Without the external antenna, expect a range of about 500 metres under good conditions.
With the external antenna mounted on the roof of the same building where you have the DuraFon base hooked up, expect about 2 Km range.
Some general principals:
The EnGenius cordless phones have the longest range of any cordless phone that can legally be used in the Canada, and their range can be 1 Km to 6 or 7 Km or even more, depending on conditions. The advertised ranges are seldom equaled in the real world, and the same phone may behave very differently in two places, or even in the same place on two different days.

  • Cordless phones are generally able to maintain an existing conversation at a greater distance than they are able to start a conversation, and can ring at greater distances than they permit talking.
  • With EnGenius DuraFons, you may be able to use text messaging in places where you can’t have a verbal conversation.
  • When you move around while using an analog cordless phone, near the end of its range, you will probably hear a “fluttering” sh-sh-sh sound.

  • Vegetation affects range. “Broadleaf” trees (hardwoods such as maple and oak) limit range more than “conifers” (evergreen softwoods such as pine and fir).
  • Near the range limit of any cordless phone, slight movements and changes in position can make a big difference in performance. If you put your head between the handset and the base, you may lose the signal, but if you turn to let the handset be in line-of-sight with the base, it may work just fine.
  • If you can get the base up high, you will probably get more range.
  • Range over water is usually better than range over land.
  • A “range-boosting” antenna designed for the DuraFon system will boost range significantly. Order the SN-ULTRA-AK10L or SN-ULTRA-AK20L with 10 or 20 Metre low loss cable. DO NOT use third-party antennas or mismatched cables.
  • With all else being equal, phones that operate on higher frequencies are usually better able to punch through dense walls, than phones operating on lower frequencies. HOWEVER, all things are seldom equal, and transmitting power may be more important than frequency.

  • DuraFon signals will penetrate most thin-shell metal buildings at reduced ranges.
Safety: Basically, you don’t have to worry about being irradiated by the DuraFon products. The EnGenius products meet FCC regulations for use in Canada. There is a little bit about safety on this webpage:

and there is more detailed safety and regulatory information in the DuraFon Technical Specs and User Manuals on this page:

For more information on the EnGenius DuraFon products, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada  webpage at

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