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Windows 7 Quirk – Never Map to your “F” Drive

I have a rudimentary networked setup at my place, with 3 PCs all tied together with cables and a router. Mainly I use this to drag material from one machine to another, and facilitate this by mapping various network drives (F,G,H etc) to the IP address and particular shared folders in the “main” machine. I had used the “F” drive for one of those connections.

So yesterday I plugged in my USB stick to grab some material from my Windows 7 PC. Low and behold, it didn’t show up on “My Computer”, even though I could “see” it via Control Panel, and the stick LED indicated it was active, and I could “Safely Remove” the device.

Finally it dawned on me that the “D” and “E” drives were already assigned to other Hard devices, and the USB stick had no place to go, or was somehow confused with the soft assignment of the F” drive to another PC that happened to be powered off anyhow.

So I tried to “disconnect” the “F” drive from the offline PC. That seemed to be successful, except it wasn’t. With the USB stick plugged back in again, I went to browse My Computer, and the “F” drive appeared to be still assigned to the offline PC.  ACK! CALL MY IT GUY!  After fuming about Windows 7 for a few minutes, I tried the old fallback for PC’s …REBOOT.  This time it worked.

Well, lesson learned, and perhaps those wiser than me already know this. When assigning Network Drives, always leave a gap between the last hard device assignment and your temporary soft device assignments.  Seems perfectly logical now.

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