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Multi-Shift Operations with Plantronics SupraPlus CS351N/CS361N

CS351N System

CS351N Wireless System

CS351N Headset

Multi-Shift Pairing allows you to use second Supra Plus Wireless headset with your base. The primary headset and base come paired to each other. If a second user requires a dedicated headset,  a Multi-Shift Paring procedure will allow a another headset to be integrated with the system.

Before your start,

– Identify the primary headset (the one that came with the SupraPlus system) with a marker of some kind. One suggestion is to use those dollar store wine glass blings, so you know which is your personal headset.

– For a new system, fully charge each of your new headsets for a few hours. This will ensure trouble-free system setup as well as prolong the life of your headset batteries.

– Ensure the inteliStand switch on the RHS of the base is in the “up” – single bar – position, so the headset will not automatically become active when lifted from the charging base.

Control Buttons

Control Buttons

1. To pair another headset to the base, you must first enable the multi-shift pairing feature. Push and hold the volume + button on the back of the charging base until the red power light (on the front of the base) starts to flash.

2. Place the headset into the charging base and immediately press the + button on the headset itself until you see the small green light on the headset come on and flash.

3. Wait for that green light on the headset to go out. To disable the multi-shift pairing feature, press and hold the volume – button on the back of the charging base.
Please NOTE: *Only the last headset paired will work with the base *

The second “inactive” headset can be placed in the charging cradle so it will be ready for the next shift user. You must note that when the inactive headset is placed on the base for charging, the active headset in use will be temporarily disconnected from its paired base unit. You will need to push the Call Control button on the headset so that it will reconnect with the base

Once the second headset is charged and placed on the original base a re-subscription/pairing process must be done for the base to recognize the new headset.

When in Multi-Shift mode, the inactive headset can be paired as follows:

1. Place the inactive headset in the charging cradle. Red light on base will flash briefly.

2. Press the “+” volume button on the headset until the headset light goes green. Now the second headset is paired.

The primary headset may now be placed in the cradle for charging.

TIP: Users sharing the unit will have to be mind-full to place the headset that will be used for the next “shift” on the charger base so it will be ready for the next person to use it.

TIP: The headset that is not subscribed to the base will display rapid flickering of the green LED (between the “+” and “-” buttons). This is normal, and can be used as an indicator of which headset is active. However it does use a bit of battery power, so if you want to extend the battery charge on theh inactive unit when it is not in the charging cradle, you can RESET the headset. To do this, select the headset Call Control, “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds until the green LED goes out. Then release, and depress the Call Control button until the green LED flashes momentarilly and then goes out. The headset is now reset. Note if you did this with the Active headset, it will also unsubscribe it from the Base, and you will have to go through the re-subscribe procedure for whichever headset you want to be active.

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