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Headsets for Skype and Other Softphones

A very basic Tutorial on using Skype: Skype is a computer application that allows you to talk to anther person on a computer across the the internet. The service is free, and all you need is a headset &mic (computer headset) with a USB connection. You can also attach a “webcam” (basically a little video camera with a USB connection) which will allow you the transmit pictures of yourself sitting in front of your computer, (although true geeks will tell you it is useful for other things as well). If you want to expand the usefulness of Skype, you can  purchase telephone time for $3.00 per month which allows you to call phones anywhere in North America.

What kind of headset do I need?

Logictech Clearcha

Logitech - ClearChat Pro USB Headset

If you want a basic USB headset for Skype and other voice usage, Best Buy has a number of models available. The LogicTech ClearChat Pro is one model that has been recommended to me for comfort and good bandwidth.

If you already have a Telephone headset such as a Plantronics H-series (with QD connector) that you want to use with your computer, then you will need to get a little PLNT QD-to-USB adapter cable, or a “ZOOM Switch”, which will allow you to connect and switch your headset between your phone and your PC.


Audio 626 USB

Plantronics .Audio 626 USB Headset

Blackwire C610

Plantronics Blackwire C610 USB US Headset

For high quality DSP and UC  headsets select from the  Plantronics .Audio line or the Plantronics Blackwire C200 or C600 line of headsets. The .Audio 626 DSP with digital signal processing technology provides enhanced sound quality, noise-canceling microphone, wideband echo cancellation and a comfortable fit. The Blackwire series are Unified Communications (UC) headsets with call control capabilities.

Savi 430

Savi 430 DECT USB Wireless headset

Savi Go

Savi Go Bluetooth USB Headset

For more sophisticated users who want the convenience and performance of wireless wideband headsets, consider the Plantronics Savi 430 DECT or the Savi Go Bluetooth USB headsets.

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