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Multi-Shift Operations with Plantronics Savi Office


Savi Office WO100 Base and Cradle


Apart from the multiple wearing style options and other useful features such as improved range (350 ft), DECT clarity and security, the Savi Office has some specific design attributes that make it ideally suited for multi-shift operations.

A spare Savi Office earpiece and cradle (WH100, WH200, WH300 or WH350) and auxiliary charging unit are available to ensure continuous operations.


Savi Office 5-unit Charging Bay


Just lift the current cradle and earpiece off the base, move it to the charger, replace it with a fully charged headset and cradle, subscribe the new earpiece to


Savi Office WH350 Cradle and Headset


the base, and you are operational again.

Some operational tips and best practices:

1. When you mount a replacement headset on the base, make sure you remember to “Subscribe” it to the base by double selection of the Subscription button. You can verify if your earpiece is connected to the base by selecting the Call Control button on the earpiece or top of the base.

2. If you are replacing one headset with another of the same model, you don’t have to move the whole cradle and headset combo. Just exchange headsets from base to charger.

3. Even if you are moving a different model headset from charger to base (e.g. WH100 vs WH350 which uses a different cradle), you can still subscribe the new earpiece to the base using over-the-air subscription. Just select the Subscription button on the base, and while it is flashing green/red, select the “Volume +” button on the earpiece.

4. When removing/installing a cradle on the Savi Office base or charger, remove the headset first, and lift the cradle vertically. This will produce less wear and stress on the cradle.

For more tips and video guides on how to manage and maintain your Savi Office wireless headset, visit the Savi Office Tips page on the www.comfortcanada.com website.

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