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Plantronics Savi Office Conferencing Feature


Savi Office Primary System


"Guest" Headset

The Savi Office system provides a Conferencing feature in which up to 3 additional users can join a call on a primary system. For instance, a supervisor or specialist in an Emergency Services centre  may join in on the original call.

These are called “guest” headsets.  The guest headset(s) will lose their connection to the base when the master headset link is turned off. (The master headset is the original headset subscribed to the base.) Each guest headset retains its ability to increase/decrease its receive volume or mute its microphone. Guest headsets do not have any call control function as they can only be added into the conference after the master headset has an active link to the base open.

To Add Guest Headsets

· While the master headset is on a call:

Place the guest headset into charge cradle of the master headset if it is the same style, or place the guest headset into over-the-air subscription mode by pushing the headset volume up button for three seconds until the indicator light becomes solid green.

· Short press (less than one second) the subscription button on the base.

The subscription light will flash yellow and green.

· The subscription light will then turn solid yellow and a tone will be heard in the master headset indicating a guest wishes to join the call.

· Press the call control button on the master headset within five seconds, the guest is joined to the call.

If you do not press the call control button within five seconds, the request to join the call is rejected and the guest will hear an error tone in their headset.

· Guests may leave the conference call at any time by pressing their call control button.

When they do, a single tone will be heard in the master headset as each guest leaves the call.

If the Savi Office base is connected to the user’s PC and the Plantronics control software (Persono Suite or P.U.R.E .), the number of guest headsets subscribed to the base are indicated by the headset icon in the lower left corner of the  software screen.

For more Savi Office TIPs, visit the Savi Office Tips page on the Comfort Telecom Canada website.

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