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Plantronics Savi Office – What do the LEDs Mean?

Savi Office Base and LEDs

The Savi Office base has 3 status-indicating LEDs, and these can be in various states depending on which buttons you have selected on the base or earpiece. To avoid getting confusing LED indications, the user should select control buttons in a controlled order. Random button selection will yield random results.

The following instructions pertain to the LEDs on the base for models WO100 ,WO200, WO101, WO201, WO300 & WO350:

Power LED:

  • Green (solid) – both microprocessors have powered up ok
  • Green (flashing) – headset charging
  • Green (flashing for 4 seconds at power on) – base in DECT ON mode

Subscribe LED:

  • Off – subscribed headset not contactable
  • Green (solid) – headset subscribed
  • Green/Red (flashing) – in primary subscription mode
  • Yellow/Green (flashing) – in conference subscription mode
  • Yellow (solid) – conference mode active
  • Red (flash for 4 seconds) – failed to subscribe to headset

Telephone or PC LED:

  • Green (flashing) – incoming call
  • Green (solid) – call in progress
  • Red (flashing) – call muted
  • Orange (solid) – call on hold

For other TIPs on how to manage and maintain your Savi Office wireless headset, please visit the Savi Office TIPs page on the Comfort Telecom Canada website.

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