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Plantronics Voyager 510S Reset

Voyager 510S Base and Earpiece

Voyager 510S Base and Earpiece

Periodically any wireless headset, including CS-series and the Voyager 510S, should be power-cycled (Reset) to clear up static problems or temporarily restore a weak battery in the earpiece. To Reset the Voyager 510S, follow these steps.

1. The base power should be connected, and the earpiece (E/P) powered ON and fully charged.

2. Disconnect the power plug from the Base.

3. On the E/P, press the “-” and silver Call Control (CC) buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

The E/P will stop flashing, as the above step also powers off the E/P.

4. Leave the system at rest for about 2 minutes.

5. Plug in the Base power supply and power ON the E/P.

6. Pair the E/P to the Base.

a. Put the E/P in Discovery mode by selecting the “+” and “CC” buttons simultaneously until the E/P flashes R/B/R/B….

b. Put the Base in Pairing mode by selecting the Speaker Volume “+” and “-” buttons on the back of the Base simultaneously.

c. Release the Speaker Volume “+” and “-” buttons when the LED on the top of the Base starts flashing blue.

7. Place the E/P onto the Base. Wait for a minute, then the Base LED should illuminate solid blue.

Test your headset using a “friend”, or use the Plantronics Wireless Test toll free number: 1-866-210-2157.

If your connection is still not clear, check the phone compatibility rotary wheel on the left hand side of the base. With the phone handset picked up to generate dial tone, try several settings until you get the clearest dial tone*. Make sure the rotary wheel is not between settings.

* WARNING – adjusting the compatibility rotary switch may generate a loud squeal on incorrect settings. Hold the Voyager E/P away from direct contact with your ear until you find the best setting.

For further product information about Plantronics wireless headsets, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada web site or contact the Comfort Canada Calgary office at 403-239-8414, or email us at calgary@comfortcanada.com.

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