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Plantronics Wireless Headset Connection to Cisco IP Phones

CSxxx to APC-4 to Cisco IP Phone

CSxxx to Cisco IP Phone with APC-4 Cable

Cisco IP phone models 7942G, 7945G, 7962G, 7965G  and 7975G support Electronic Hook Switch (EHS), allowing wireless headsets to communicate electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a handset lifter for remote call control.

The APC-4 is designed for Plantronics CS wireless products: CS55, CS70N, CS351N & CS361N

The APC-40 is designed for Plantronics Savi Office products: WO100 &  WO200, WO300 and WO350


Savi Office to APC-40 to Cisco IP Phone

Savi Office to Cisco IP Phone with APC-40 Cable

Software Requirements
The Cisco server must be running Cisco Call Manager System Version 4.1(3)SR5x or higher.

This must be verified by your telephone administrator.

The Cisco phone must be running firmware 8.3(3)x or higher.

Press the settings button on the phone (Checkbox icon). Select “Model information”. The firmware revision is listed under “Load File”.


Phone setup
The phone must be set for “Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control” = Enabled
Press the settings button on the phone (Checkbox Icon). Select “Device Configuration” >> Select “Media Configuration”
If “Wireless Headset Hookswitch Control” is “Disabled”, contact your telephone administrator.

Cisco IP Phone With Expansion Module

Cisco IP Phone with Expansion Module

Expansion Modules:

Cisco IP phones may be equipped with an ad-on 7914/7915/7915 expansion module as pictured.

If the phone is equipped with an expansion module, the Expansion module will be plugged into the telephone AUX connector.



Savi Office to APC-40 to Cisco IP Phone Exp Mod

Savi Office to Cisco IP Phone Expansion Module with APC-40 Cable/Adapter

Connect the APC4 / APC-40 control connection into the expansion module.
Use a 40287-05 adapter to extend the APC4/APC40 audio input to reach the headset jack on the phone

For product information or to purchase Plantronics wireless products, please visit the Comfort Telecom Canada website or phone the Calgary office at 403-239-8414

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