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Business Networking Events in Calgary, Alberta

Face-to-Face Professional Networking Group

Sub-groups hold networking events  in Calgary, Airdrie and Edmonton, Alberta.

Intended for: Anyone that values growing their network of business contacts.

For scheduled events and locations, search under Groups on LinkedIn, or subscribe to this Blog.

Face To Face Speed Networking Events are always free and everyone is welcome. It is important to note that this is not a sales referral, sales lead or sales event. This is simply a meet and greet event where business people hope to meet like minded business people that see the value in networking. The event is simply designed to help everyone break the ice so they can begin the process of developing valuable and mutually beneficial business relationships.

The person you need to meet is most likely not at any of our speed networking events, but the people at our events can almost certainly introduce you to the person you do need to meet as they all have neighbors, friends, family, business associates, colleagues, suppliers or customers that they would be willing to introduce you to if you simply give them the opportunity to get to know you, like you and trust you first.

This is a real “Pay It Forward” group and people like to be helpful when and where they can if you just give them the opportunity to feel comfortable doing it and refrain from asking for anything too onerous. If you can get your networking goal down to a simple yes or know question it makes it real easy for the group to say yes and offer to help. This works especially well for introductions to people they know. The more specific, direct and focused your goal the better the results you will achieve.

These are not your typical networking events; so if you are new the information below will help you prepare properly. You will need to prepare your elevator story and have 50 hard copies available to hand out. It should include who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why you are networking, and most importantly, how the networking group can help you. Please refer to the events page on the Qsine website so you have an idea of how the events work and how to prepare properly.


Kudos to Sheldon Baranec and Kevin Saruwatari at Qsine for content in this missive and for event organization.

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