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Plantronics Savi Office Advantages

Plantronics Savi Office Wireless headset Family

Plantronics Savi Office Wireless headset Family

With the More for (Wire)less promotion, a Savi Office Wireless Headset System can be purchased at a great discount and value add, while future proofing your investment. Until February 28, 2011, you can purchase 3 or more Savi Office systems and get free Remote Call Control accessories (HL10 or EHS cables), for the same cost as purchasing the CS-series wireless headsets with those accessories.

A Savi Office Headset System has the additional advantages of:

• UC and multimedia ready. Seamlessly switch between deskphone and PC.

• Features Savi Share. Modular design is ideal for multiple shift and hot-desking environments.

• Allows ‘Call Mixing’. Users can conference traditional phone calls and computer calls.

• Improved battery life and density issues through adaptive power. The Savi system senses how far it is from the base and automatically adjusts power consumption.

• Makes supervisor intervention easy. Join a call in progress by pairing with a user’s base unit on the fly. No more Y-cables.

• Great for training. Multiple trainees can pair with a user’s base unit to unobtrusively sit in on real customer interactions.

• Style swap ability. If a user wants a different wearing style, they don’t need to buy a complete new unit, they can just buy the top and cradle.

Plus you are future proofing your investment. Even if you are not currently making PC calls, you WILL need a headset for computer use at some point. When you buy the Savi Office headset system you are investing in your future needs by purchasing a headset with more capabilities for the same cost.

For detailed product information and documentation, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada Savi Office webpage. Or contact us at the Comfort Canada Calgary office at calgary@comfortcanada.com or by phone at 403-239-8414.

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