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Face-to-Face Business Networking Event in Airdrie

Meeting People

Face-To-Face Networking

Airdrie Chamber of Commerce FACE-TO-FACE NETWORKING

Tuesday, February 22          8:00am – 11:00am

Airdrie City Council Chambers, 400 Main Street South, Airdrie, AB

Tickets (free) are limited, so register early. For further details, contact Mike De Bokx, Event Chair & President,  Airdrie Chamber of Commerce @ 403-804-9804.

Click here for full details & to register

Face-To-Face Networking is a “speed” networking event.  You will meet everyone who attends and it is important to come prepared with enough business cards and a “networking profile” to hand out. Click here for sample profile form. The idea behind this event is really simple: create an environment where people are comfortable introducing themselves to new people and they will.

This networking event is free and everyone is welcome. It is important to note that this is not a sales referral, sales lead or sales event. This is simply a meet and greet event where business people hope to meet like minded business people that see the value in networking.

** Special Request – If you have attended one of these events in the past and plan on attending this next event, please try and bring someone with you who has never attended but who might benefit from this type of networking.



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