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Marketing Your Business with Social Media – A Brief Summary

Is Social Media Marketing for You?

This is a brief summary of Social Media marketing, with copious references with examples and where you can find expert help.

Ref. these blogs by Lisa Francis:


Does your 2011 Marketing Plan include Social Networking?


Social Media Tools

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Videos



Use Facebook to get more customers. Start by creating a Fan Page for your business.

Reference this blog by Lisa Francis:



Will blogging really help my business?

  • All businesses, using any form of Internet Marketing should blog
  • Build Personality
  • Build Credibility
  • Creates Another Net to Catch Prospects
  • Improves your website’s Search Results (depending on how your Blog is hosted)

Getting Started

  • Recommend WordPress at http://wordpress.com/
    • It will take a bit of work and computer expertise to set up your basic account, select a cool template, and create the look that illuminates your business
  • A simple free blog address will look like this : http://thecivilityceo.wordpress.com/
    • This free format won’t get found by Google
  • You can convert the free blog to a paidfor Blog address as part of your website under a “sub domain”
  • Or you can purchase a blog domain name hosted by WordPress for about $15 per year

Reference these blog articles:




Check out this video “How Blogging  Can Help Your Business” by Denise Baril:




Lights, Camera, ACTION! – Why videos work


Check out the Video link in this Blog by Denise Baril



Check out my Blog at https://comfortcanadablog.com/

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