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Plantronics Savi W440 DECT Wireless Headset

Savi W440 System with Headband

Savi W440 System with Headband

The new Savi®440 is the first portable DECT™ wireless headset system and now includes the lightest headset on the market.
Experience world class PC sound quality with a versatile headset that can be worn three ways to match your personal style.
The shape and balance of the of the earpiece make it a device that you can wear for many hours without discomfort.
Pictured to the left is the W440 Charging base and earpiece with attached headband featuring swivel mount and leatherette ear cushion.
W440 with DECT USB Adapter, Charging Cradle/Base and Earpiece

W440 with DECT USB Adapter, Charging Cradle/Base and Earpiece

The Savi W440 has the same great clarity of sound as the Savi W430, both allowing you to manage PC voice communications as well as multi media such as web conferencing and speech recognition software.

The key advantages of the W440 are that it is lighter and more portable than the W430, and the W440 comes complete with 3 wearing styles: Headband, behind-the-neck band, and an ear-hook/Earbud kit with multiple sizes for maximum comfort.

Above is the charging Base/Cradle, with DECT  USB adapter and earpiece with earhook attached.

W440 and Savi Office WO100

W440 and Savi Office WO100

The W440 is complementary to the Savi Office.

The Savi W440 charging cradle separates from the Base. This allows the W440 Charging Cradle and WH500 (W440 earpiece) to be mounted, Subscribed and Linked to a Savi Office Base.

Pictured here is the W440 beside the Savi Office WO100. If you already have a Savi Office WO100, WO200 or WO300/350 system, you can use your W440 top with that system for the combined desk phone, PC applications and features provided by the Savi Office.

Savi Office Base with W440

Savi Office Base with W440 Charging Cradle and Headset

Here the Savi W440 charging cradle is mounted on the Savi Office base. The WH500 (Savi 440 earpiece) is Subscribed and Linked to the Savi Office base.

All the Savi Office features for desk phone and PC voice applications are available using the W440 headset. The advantage is the light weight and comfort of the W440, as well as the changeable battery (not available on the WO100).

Savi W440 and Savi Office Best of Friends

Savi W440 and Savi Office Best of Friends

The Savi W440 and the Savi Office are the best of friends. If you already have a WO100, and you simply want to replace the WH100 top either for comfort, or because the WH100 battery needs replacing (requiring a complete WH100 replacement), then consider a Savi W440 top consisting of a  W440 charging cradle, WH500 earpiece and headband or earhook kit. Or if you are an operations manager, and you want a lighter headset for PC voice applications, and you also want to be able to conference in with Savi Office users to monitor calls, the W440 is the perfect solution.

Note, the Savi W440 is available through Comfort Canada towards the end of July, 2011, and the various accessories such as the deluxe charging cradle and swappable batteries will be available at a later date. Please check with us for availability and pricing.

For product information on the Savi 440 or the Savi Office DECT wireless headset systems, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada Plantronics Wireless headset webpages, or email us at calgary{at}comfortcanada.com.

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