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Plantronics EHS Cables

Plantronics Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) adapter cables work in conjunction with a wireless headset system to provide remote alert and call answer/end capability when used with a variety if advanced desk phones.  This means that when when you are away from your desk, when the phone rings, an audible signal is sent to the wireless headset, and the user can answer the call remotely by selecting the Call Control button on the headset. Similarly, the user can remotely end the call. EHS cables remove the need for the older electromechanical HL10 Handset Lifter. Phone systems that support the EHS capability include models from Avaya, Cisco, Polycom and ShoreTel to name a few.

EHS capability is supported by the following Plantronics wireless headset systems:

  • CS500 series
  • Savi W700 series
  • Savi Office series
APC-41 EHS Cable

APC-41 EHS Cable for Cisco 7900

The attached connection diagram is an example of a Cisco 7900 series phone with a 7914/7915/7916 key expansion module connected via a APC-41 EHS cable to a CS500 or Savi W700 series wireless headset base.  Note that this hookup requires and additional 40287-05 – Adapter to extend the APC-41 cable to the 7914/7915/7916 key expansion module





The following EHS cables are available:

* The difference between the previous “-01” EHS cables and new “-11” EHS cables is that the new model includes a connector for the Savi on-line indicator (OLI).

For additional information on the Plantronics headset products, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/plantronics.htm,  or contact the Comfort Telecom Canada Calgary office by email at calgary{at}comfortcanada{dot}com.

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