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Plantronics Wireless Headsets and HL10 Connection Tips

CS540 and HL10 Phone Connection

CS540 and HL10 Phone Connection

Remote Call Control

Most wireless headsets provide remote call control for the desk phone which they are connected to. This means that the user can answer or end a call by selecting the Call Control button on their headset when they are away from their desk. With older phone systems, this is accomplished using a handset lifter which will lift or drop the handset on the phone to control the call. The Plantronics HL10 lifter is shown attached to the side of the phone in the picture. It is connected to a port on the back of the wireless headset (a Plantronics CS540 in this case) where it derives its control signals and power. For advanced digital phones such as Avaya and Cisco products, an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cable can replace the HL10 to reduce clutter.

HL10 to Wireless Base Connection

HL10 to Wireless Base Connection

Can I use my old “L”-connector HL10 with a new CS500 or Savi W700 series headset?

Ans: Yes. The newly designed HL10 model 60961-35 uses a straight connector to plug into the back of the CS500 and Savi W700 series headsets. The older HL10 model 60961-32 used an L-shaped connector to plug into the bottom of the base of the CS55, CS70N and CS351/CS361 wireless models. However, your existing HL10 can plug into the back of the newer headset model base. Just point the wire upwards, as shown to the left. DO NOT point the wire down, as the “L” will contact the casing on the base and fail to connect properly.

Auto-Answer Toggle

Auto-Answer Toggle

Auto-Answer Feature

The Auto-Answer feature allows the user to set the wireless headset to automatically pick up (answer) the phone when the headset earpiece is lifted  off the charging cradle. There is a built-in delay to give the user time to place the headset on their head or ear. There is a toggle switch (see picture to left) on the headset base to allow the user to activate or turn off this feature.

When auto answer is set to red you must press the headset call button to answer an incoming call.
When Auto Answer is set to green you can answer a call just by lifting headset from the base.

Note, when switching from one mode to the other, run the HL10 through one up/down cycle by selecting the Call Control button on the earpiece twice, then place the earpiece in the charging cradle on the base. The next time you pick up the earpiece, the selected auto-answer mode (on or off) will be activated.

Why can’t I hear the incoming call signal on my wireless headset?

Try turning up the sound level on your telephone ringer. The HL10 detects an incoming call by “hearing” the audible sound from the phone ringer and transmitting a in-bound call signal to the CS500. If the sound is too low (or off altogether), then the no signal is sent. Also, since the HL10 mic is directly under the lifter arm, if the phone speaker is on the other side of the phone, use HL10 Ring Detector accessory to connect the HL10 to a tiny mic placed above the phone speaker placed over the phone speaker.

For additional product information about Plantronics Wireless headsets, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/plnt_wireless.htm or email us at calgary{at}comfortcanada{dot}com.

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