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Plantronics Savi W700 Setup Help

Savi 740 System

Savi 740 System

The Savi W700 series replaces the Savi office series with 3 new models:

Savi W740 ultra light convertible headset

Savi W710/W720 over-the-head monaural and binaural headsets

Savi W730 model with over-the-ear earpiece

W745 Charging Cradle and Hot-Swappable Battery

W745 Charging Cradle and Hot-Swappable Battery

Key features of the W700 series include:

– Three modes of connectivity(all of which may be conferenced together)

__ Desk phone connection supporting Remote Call Control both mechanical HL10 and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) control using phone-specific EHS cables

__ Computer (wired) connection for PC voice apps

__ PDA connection using Bluetooth Voice


Savi W700 USB Batter Charging Kit

Savi W700 USB Battery Charging Kit

– Conferencing with up to 3 additional headsets

– Super light and comfortable W740 earpiece

– Unlimited talk time with the deluxe charging cradle and hot-swappable battery included with the W745

– Earpiece portability with the optional D100 DECT USB dongle. Take your W740 earpiece on the road or conference room using the D100 and USB battery charger accessories

Savi D100 DECT Wireless Dongle

Savi D100 DECT Wireless Dongle

– Compatibility with other Plantronics Wireless Headset systems (you can intermix headsets from Savi Office and CS500 systems with the Savi W700 bases)


Below is a collection of Savi W700 series training guides and User Manuals to help you set up and use the W700 features effectively:

Savi W700 Animated Overview

Savi W700 Agent Training Video

Savi W740 User Guide

Savi W740-M User Guide

Savi W745 User Guide

Changing Savi W740/W745 Hot-Swappable Battery

Savi W710/W720 User Guide

Savi W710/W720 Battery Replacement

Savi W730 Startup Video

Savi W730-M Startup Video

Savi W730 User Guide

Savi W730-M User Guide

Download Plantronics Software

For additional information on the Plantronics Savi W700 series wireless headset products, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/savi_w700.htm

…or email us at our Calgary office at calgary@comfortcanada.com.

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