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EnGenius DuraFon Applications

DuraFon Applications

DuraFon Applications

EnGenius DuraFons Long Range Cordless Phones are used anywhere that requires multiple handsets using shared lines, handset-to-handset operations or longer base-to-handset range than is possible with other cordless phones.

Some of our Canadian DuraFon customer applications. These are just a few examples to illustrate the flexibility and diversity of DuraFon installations.

  • Cottage phone: Fraser Lake, BBC – Located in a cottage about 1 KM across a lake, the DuraFon Base Unit is connected to the phone line in a house on the serviced side of the lake, while the handsets are located in and around the cottage on the far side of the lake. This arrangement is unique in that no external antenna is required. The Base unit is mounted in a weather-proof box mounted on the side of the house. Works great!
  • Motel in La Crete, Alberta – Handsets used by staff at the main desk as well as servicing the rooms.
  • Berry Farm and Winery in Langly, BC
  • RV Resort in Victoria, BC
  • Seed and Grains farm in Halkirk, Alberta
  • Express and Taxi Services in Providence, NWT
  • Greenhouses in Morinville, Alberta
  • Hotel in Vancouver, BC
  • Resort in Mara, BC
  • RCMP Division in Nunavut
  • Ronald McDonald House, Calgary, Alberta
  • Seniors Centre in Victoria, BC – this installation uses two linked DuraFon 1X bases to distribute signal throughout a “T”-shaped facility
  • Ski Resort in Kananaskis, Alberta
  • Alpine Resort in Kimberly, BC
  • Housing Association in Paulatuk, NWT
  • Guest Ranch in Clinton, BC
  • Building Materials company in Calgary, Alberta
  • Hotel and Inn in Whitehorse, YK
  • Taxi company in Churchill, MB

Here is how EnGenius DuraFon products achieve such great range:

900 MHz frequency

  • 900MHz is less used, penetrates objects better, and simply goes further than higher frequencies used by DECT and WiFi technologies (1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz)
  • Using the 900MHz ISM band (902-928MHz FHSS) no licensing is required
  • Lower frequencies are less prone to multipath interference (reflected signals that cancel or degrade the primary signal)

High power

  • RF power for both base and handset is approx. 708mW or 28.5dbm. Again much higher than other technology phones

External and high gain antennas

  • 2dbi end-fed dipole or optional 6dbi external antenna for the base station
  • The external antenna not only has more gain but can be mounted in more ideal locations for maximum range including outdoors. An optional antenna splitter allows use of up to two antennas for one base station

A built-in RSSI signal measurement tool

  • This allows you an easy way to conduct your own range testing and site surveys
  • Available on DuraFon v2 DuraFons

No sharing of bandwidth, QoS, or security concerns as with VoWiFi phones

  • No need to upgrade or redesign an existing WiFi deployment to support voice

For additional product information and pricing for EnGenius DuraFon products in Canada, please contact us at

Comfort Telecom Canada – Calgary Office

Toll-free: 1-877-244-8414

email: calgary@comfortcanada.com

or visit our website at:


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