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Are Plantronics CS540 and Savi W440/W740 Earpieces Compatible

In one of our previous Blogs we showed how the CS540 headset is compatible with Savi wireless products such as the Savi W740, and by inference, the Savi W440. Both use the same communication language (DECT) and provide the same clarity and similar range for voice communications. You can subscriber a CS540 earpiece to a Savi W440 USB dongle or Savi W740 base, and you can conference earpieces from both systems on a single call.

However, there are some differences in the earpieces and batteries for the CS540 vs Savi W440/W740 that are clarified in the following table.

CS540 Savi 440/740
Frequency DECT DECT
Subscribe to alternate base Yes Yes
Colour Black boom Silver boom
Hot Swappable Battery No The battery can be switched in mid-call without getting disconnected as long as you reattach the new battery within five minutes.
Earpiece Order Code 86179-01 WH500 – 83356-01

CS540 Ear Piece

CS540 Ear Piece

Savi W440/W740 Ear Piece

Savi W440/W740 Ear Piece

Battery Order Code 86180-01 (Battery may be labeled “P/N 84479-01” but correct Plantronics part number is 86180-01) 84598-01

CS540 Battery

CS540 Battery

Savi W440/W740 Battery

Savi W440/W740 Battery

Battery Type Li-Ion Polymer Battery Hot Swappable
Hot Swap Battery No Yes
Interchangeability Not interchangeable with other batteries including the CS55 battery (this one is smaller and is only for CS540). Not compatible with Plantronics Savi W440, W740 or W745 Specific to Savi W440, W740 and W745
Charging source CS540 charging cradle Can be charged using the standard Savi cradle, Deluxe USB cable or Deluxe Charging Cradle
Charge time Full charge takes 3 hours (charge approximately 20 minutes prior to the first use) 3 hours
Talk Time 7 hours 7 hours
Standby Time 50 hours
Storage time Up to 75 days of storage time when removed from the headset.

Usage Tips:

The CS540 is for dedicated desk phone connectivity and cannot be connected to a computer.

The Savi W440 uses a USB dongle to connect to a PC for voice applications, and can also be connected to a desk phone using a MDA 200 USB switch.

The Savi W740 is a multi-platform wireless headset system that connects to a PC, desk phone and a Bluetooth PDA device.

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