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EnGenius DuraFon Pro Canadian Version


DuraFon Long Range Industrial Phones

The EnGenius DuraFon is an industrial long range cordless phone system for highly demanding working environments. When used with the optional outdoor antenna (AK10L or AK20L), the DuraFon is a powerful tool providing long range cordless phone and two-way radio operations for back country enthusiasts, industrial parks, construction sites, auto dealers, and other demanding campus environments.

DuraFon Pro 4-Line System

DuraFon Pro 4-Line System

The EnGenius DuraFon PRO 4-line Industrial Cordless Telphone System is a long range, multi-base, multi-line telephone and 2-way radio communications system. With a capacity of up to 90 handsets and outside range up to 3000 acres, it  provides users with unparalleled mobility and flexibility.

The DuraPro system has recently been upgraded and re-certified to meet Industry Canada standards.  The new Canadian version is exclusive from EnGenius Technologies Canada and its distribution channels for the Canadian market. Look for this version of the DuraFon Pro series (SP-922 PRO CA). Use the following part numbers when ordering for application in Canada.

  • DuraFon Pro system with one handset:  SP-922Pro CA V2
  • DuraFon Pro handset kit:  SP-922Pro CA V2 HC
  • DuraFon Pro PIA system with 4 handsets: SP-922Pro CA PI V2 PIA
  • DuraFon Pro PIB system with 4 handsets and 20M external antenna: SP-922Pro CA PI V2 PIB20L

For further product information, please visit the Comfort Telecom Canada website at www.comfortcanada.com/Engenius/durafonpro.htm

or email us at Calgary@comfortcanada.com for pricing and availability.

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