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Plantronics W745 Wireless with Supervisor Backup Headset

Savi W745 System

Savi W745 System with Hot Swappable battery

Savi W740 Spare Headset and Cradle

Savi W740 Spare Headset and Cradle

Customer Innovation: This customer wanted a way to connect with desk phone and Computer  VoIP applications while maintaining a “hot” spare headset for peer conferencing and call monitoring.

The selected solution was to install a Plantronics Savi W745 wireless headset system which keeps a spare hot-swappable battery ready to go in the charging cradle.  The second piece is the spare headset and cradle shown to the right. When required, the “hot” spare battery can be exchanged with the battery in the spare headset, and it is ready to be used for conferencing or monitoring purposes.

Savi W740 Headband

Savi W740 Headband

The spare headset acts as a replacement earpiece as backup to the primary system in case of emergency, and can be subscribed (paired) to the system base unit simply by mounting it in charging cradle.


Conferencing Multiple Headsets:

To set up a second user to conference in on a call on the primary system, follow these steps:

Single Bay Charger

Single Bay Charger

1. While the base has an active link, place the guest headset into primary user’s charge cradle (this connects the headset to the base).  When the base subscription light stops flashing green and yellow and remains yellow, the primary headset/user will hear a tone indicating a guest wishes to join the call.

2. Press the primary user’s call button to accept the guest headset within ten seconds. Otherwise
the request is terminated and the guest will hear an error tone in their headset.

NOTE: A “guest headset” can also be conferenced-in over-the-air. Short press the base subscription button while the base has an active link. Next, press the guest headset volume-up button until the indicator light turns on. When the base subscription LED stops flashing green and yellow and remains solid yellow, the request to join will be heard in the primary user’s headset and the primary user will have to press their call button within 10 seconds to accept the guest .

Exit a Conference Call:

Guests headsets can remain as guests through multiple calls. To remove a guest headset, press the guest headset’s call button or dock the primary user’s headset in the charge cradle. A single tone in the master headset will be heard as each guest leaves the call.

Supervisor Monitoring:

The second headset can be used for supervisor monitoring or mentoring simply by conferencing in the second set on a call, and then turning on the Mute function on the second set so the monitor’s presence will not be noticed by the primary players.

Other Accessories you might need (pictured above):

Spare Headband: The Savi W745 system is supplied with a earpiece with a set of earhooks, a headband and neck-band as wearing options. However the second headset and cradle kit is supplied only with an earhook. Order the extra headband if this your wearing preference.

Charging Bay: Although the configuration described above allows you to keep batteries for both earpieces charged at all times, for convenience you might want the off-line charging bay to mount the spare headset cradle on. That way, it is always charged, and there is no need to switch batteries whenever you want to use it.

Documentation: You can find an Agent training Video and User Documentation for the Savi W745 on our website at www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/savi_w745.htm.

Order Codes:

86507-01 – Savi W745 Wireless Headset System

83356-01 – Convertible Headset & Cradle for the Savi 740 wireless system

84605-01 – Over-the-head headband assembly

86005-01 – Single-bay Offline Charger

84609-11 – Five-bay Offline Charger

Ordering Information: For additional product, compatibility and pricing information, please visit the www.comfortcanada.com website or email us at the Calgary, Alberta office at calgary@comfortcanada.com

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