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Plantronics HL10 Setup Tips

Savi-HL10-Aastra 9120 Hookup

Savi-HL10-Aastra 9120 Hookup

Remote Call Control Tip: Connecting a wireless headset to a typical desk phone.

The steps involved in setting up a CS500-series or Savi W700 series wireless headset system can be found on the product description pages linked above.  Before you start, please watch the Agent Training videos provided on those pages. Once you have done that, here are some additional tips:

Tip 1: Use the HANDSET PORT, not the headset port. For phones that don’t support EHS cables, if you want to enable Remote Call Control, you will need to receive and make calls by lifting the handset. Some phones do have a Headset Port, and you can connect the wireless headset to this port, and depending on your phone configuration, make and receive calls by selecting the applicable button on the PHONE. But to enable remote call control:

– Disconnect the curley HANDSET cable from the bottom of the phone

– Connect the WIRELESS HEADSET communication cable to the phone HANDSET port on the bottom of the phone (the one that the handset was previously plugged in to)

– Connect the curley HANDSET cable to the receptacle in the middle of the WIRELESS HEADSET communication cable

Now if the Wireless Headset is configured to work with your phone (see Agent Training Video referenced above), then you should be able to answer/end calls using the phone handset (you can do this simply by leaving the wireless headset connection turned on)

HL10 Position and Angle

HL10 Position and Angle

Tip 2: To enable remote call control (so you can answer and end calls when you are away from your desk), you need to install the HL10 handset lifter on the phone. This seems simple (just connect the HL10 cable to the round port on the CS500 or Savi W700 base, and stick the HL10 on the phone under the handset). BUT this need to be done with care.

Care 1: Before you permanently stick the HL10 to your phone, position the HL10 so that it will firmly pick up and set down the handset consistently. The best position is snugged up against the top part (speaker) of the handset, so that it will tip the handset up. DO NOT position it in the middle of the handset so it picks up the whole handset.

Care 2:  There is a height position on the top of the HL10 that determines how high the Handset will be lifted. Sometimes you can set this at the lowest position to just tip up the handset a little bit, so it will drop down more precisely when you end the call. However, some handsets are quite heavy, and the HL10 at that low angle may drop the handset in the midst of your call. If this happens, set the HL10 height switch to the middle or upper position so there is not so much direct downward force leveraged from the handset.

Care 3: Some phones such as the Aastra 9120 have a latch in the top handset cup, so the handset will not lift straight up from the hung-up position. It needs to be pushed forward about 1/8 of an inch before it will lift. If your phone is like this, BEFORE you stick the HL10 on securely, nudge it forward under the handset until it pushes it out of the notch. Then exercise a call-connect several times (use the ear piece call control button, or the button on the wireless system base) to make sure it picks up and sets down consistently.

Care 4:  Some phones do not have a cup at the bottom of the handset cradle to stop the handset from sliding off when it is tipped up. If this presents a problem, get a bit of foam strip tape and make a barrier on the phone so the handset can’t slide off.

HL10 with remote speaker Mic

HL10 with remote speaker Mic

Care 5:  The HL10 detects an incoming call and alerts the user through beeps in the earpiece by “hearing” the phone ring. If your phone ring volume is too low, turn it up. If the HL10 is positioned so that its built-in MIC is not positioned near enough to the phone ring speaker, connect the little remote mic (it should have been included in your HL10 package) to the HL10, and stick it on the phone over the speaker.

If you have additional questions about the Plantronics CS500 or Savi W700 , or how to select the appropriate Remote Call Control accessories (HL10 Handset Lifter or Electronics Hook Switch -EHS- cable), please visit the Comfort Telecom Canada Plantronics Wireless Products webpages, or contact our Calgary, Alberta office at calgary@comfortcanada.com.

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