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Bluetooth Headset Desk Phone Connection using the MDA 200

MDA200 and BT300 in Multipoint Setup

Multipoint Configuration

We’ve described in previous articles how the MDA 200 can allow you to switch your USB headset connection between a PC softphone and a desk phone. In this configuration, the Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset combined with the BT300 Bluetooth stub allows the headset to be linked to both the desk phone and the PC, while the multipoint capabilities of the Voyager headset allow it to also pair with your mobile phone.  The HL10 handset lifter connected from the MDA to the phone allows desk phone calls to be initiated and ended remotely without the need to manually pick up the handset.

Active Phone Call

Active Phone Call

The basic principle is illustrated to the left. A call may be initiated by selecting the Call Control (CC) button on the headset. This signals the MDA to lift the phone handset thus initiating or answering a call.  Calls can also be managed by selecting the PC or Phone buttons on the MDA. Selecting the phone button will cause the handset to lift as well as Linking the Bluetooth stub to the headset.

Here are some operational tips we noticed in testing this configuration:

MDA connected only to the Desk Phone (not the PC)

  • Both the PC and Phone LEDs will be off initially. Selecting the CC on the headset will activate the Link and pick up the phone handset
  • If the phone rings, the user is alerted by beeps in the headset, and the MDA phone LED will flash. You can answer  the call using the CC button or by selecting the MDA phone switch.
  • During an active call, selecting the headset CC button or the MDA phone button will end the call and hang up the phone handset.

MDA connected to both Desk Phone and PC

  • Initially the PC LED will be illuminated
  • Selecting the CC button on the headset will NOT activate the phone. It is signaling the PC softphone at this stage. This has relevance depending on the Softphone you are using, and whether you have the Plantronics control software loaded on your computer. (This topic is discussed in the MDA 200 user manual.
  • If the phone rings, the user is alerted and may engage the call using either the CC button or the MDA phone button.
  • The MDA reverts to PC mode when the desk phone call is ended.

The following table provides the LED indicators for various operational modes.


LED State Indication
 PC-Gr Solid green Connected to PC audio (default condition)
 PC-Gr Flashing green Incoming PC call
 PC-Yel Flashing yellow Active PC audio on hold
 Phn-Gr Flashing green Incoming desk phone call
 Phn-Gr Solid green Desk phone audio connected
 Phn-Yel Flashing yellow Active phone audio on hold
 PC_Phn-Gr Both icons flashing green for 2 seconds MDA200 is booting up – once complete both LEDs will be off if no headset is connected. If a headset is connected the PC icon will remain lit solid green.
 PC-Red Solid red Firmware update in process – follow firmware update instructions to clear once complete.
 Phn-Red Solid red Over current condition – using HL10 without power supply. Unplug MDA200, add power adapter, re-plug MDA200 to PC.
 Phn-Red Flashing red Headset fault – replace headset and power cycle the MDA200.

There are more setup and operational details in the MDA 200 user manual which can be found at the bottom of the MDA 200 product description page at this link.

For additional information on configuring the MDA 200 with the HL10, the BT300 and the Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset or Voyager Legend UC, please contact the Comfort Canada Calgary office at calgary@comfortcanada.com

2 Responses

  1. I’ve bought just about every type of BT headset, and always had the same problem with all of them, the fit. They would never stay in my ear, or they were just plain uncomfortable. This one is the best so far. It pairs with and answers both of my phones easily. I like that it has a power button. I have a Jabra Prime, and the thing would always get accidentally switched on in my purse (really annoying). Volume control is easy to get to and operate. A single charge lasts me over a week, but then again I only use it when I’m driving to and from work and during any weekend driving I may do. It’s small enough to not be noticeable, especially when I wear my hair down, the trade off is that I look like I’m talking to myself! lol Love it so far! http://www.jabra.com/Products/Bluetooth/JABRA_WAVE/Jabra_WAVE

    • Thankyou for the comment Mel. Although this blog article was related to testing the Plantronics Voyager series in conjunction with a desk phone connection switch, we can also supply Jabra Bluetooth headsets. I assume the Jabra Wave Jabra Wave is the one you are referring to. It is an elegant little Bluetooth headset. I would appreciate any feedback you can provide on noise cancelling properties in crowded places or when driving.

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