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Phonak ComPilot to Desk Phone Connection

Phonak ComPilot TCoil Loop  We’ve written previous articles on the possibility of linking a hearing aid to a desk phone using the Phonak ComPilot or similar Tcoil loop device with Bluetooth capability.  The reason you would want to do this is if you are working in an environment where your desk phone is controlled by a PBX or IP system, and cannot be switched out for a simple Bluetooth-enabled phone. Here are the results of some recently completed testing. We want to thank the folks at the Audia Hearing Care Centre (Calgary, Alberta) for providing their facility for testing and for their comments.

MDA 200  The key element to this solution is the combination of the Plantronics MDA200 USB switch and the SSP2714 Bluetooth adapter.

The MDA200 is a multi device switcher that allows you to turn a  USB audio device (e.g. the SSP Bluetooth USB adapter) into a multipoint node.

The SSP2714 is a wireless Bluetooth USB adapter designed specifically for Phonak, Oticon, and Starkey SurfLink Bluetooth enabled hearing aid pendant systems.

MDA200-to-HL10  We also found that the system works more satisfactorily with the addition to the HL10 remote handset lifter (or appropriate EHS cable if you are using a Cisco, Avaya or other advanced phone system). This allows calls to be answered or ended with the click of a button on the ComPilot device. Otherwise you would have to manually lift the handset on the phone to control calls. The photo on the left shows the MDA200/Bluetooth adapter connected to the phone, with the HL10 mounted on the side of the phone to lift/drop the handset for call control.

In testing, we noted that the HL10 will only lift the handset if the phone is ringing, or to end an active call. To initiate a call, you have to select the phone handset button on the MDA200, which will activate the HL10 to lift the handset.

Note: A computer connection from MDA200 is available if you want to configure the device to use Skype on your PC. It is not necessary to hook this up if you don’t intend to use it.

Here are a few additional notes on setting up the devices.

MDA200 to Phone connection.

  1. Unplug the phone HANDSET cord from the base of the phone
  2. Connect the MDA200 phone communication cord to the phone HANDSET port
  3. Connect the phone handset cord to the connector in the middle of the MDA communication cord
  4. If the HL10 handset lifter option is selected, attach the HL10 to the side of the phone so that it will lift the top end on the handset when activated, and plug the HL10 cord into the round 3.5mm port on the MDA200.

To Pair the Bluetooth Adapter

In the event that your Bluetooth device and Bluetooth USB adapter become unpaired do the following:

1. Remove the USB adapter from the MDA200.

2. Place the Bluetooth device in pairing mode. *

3. Insert Bluetooth USB adapter directly into your MDA200 USB port. The LED will flash and then turn solid blue to indicate the headset is connected to the USB adapter.

4. The Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth Adapter will Pair so they can communicate to complete the connection from Hearing device to Phone.

* For the Phonak ComPilot Bluetooth device:

Press and hold the Connect < > and Volume + buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds until the Audio indicator starts to rapidly blink blue

To initiate or end a call, the ComPilot must be in Phone Mode. If you have the HL10 option connected, select the Phone Handset symbol on the MDA 200 to start or end a call. You can also answer or end a call using the Call Control button on the ComPilot. If there is no HL10, then you must pick up the phone handset manually to start a call, and hang it up when finished.

For additional product information, please contact the Comfort Telecom Canada Calgary office by email at calgary@comfortcanada.com, or visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/index.htm.

One Response

  1. hi, I have Phonak hearing aids and ComPilot, I think I will need MDA200 USB switch and the SSP2714 Bluetooth adapter to make all those work with my Cisco phone at office. but i have 2 questions:
    1. the above require “interface cable” to connect MDA200 to desk phone, is it included in MDA200?

    2. while I understand that MDA200 can connect to my desktop computer, but it is for internet phone calls, right? What I also need is that MDA200 would also let me hear speaker from computer, e.g. youtube videos, webEx, Webinars, via my hearing aids? currently I just use normal headset plug into computer speaker so people around me won’t hear anything, but my headset is not loud enough for me.


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