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CS500 Supporting Multiple Earpieces in Multi-Shift Ops

The topic of this article is to illustrate how the CS500 series wireless telephone headset systems can be used in a multi-shift customer support environment with users sharing common workstations but with personal headsets or earpieces allocated to different people.

CS500 Wireless Headset Models


CS540 System

CS510 System

CS510 System

CS520 Base

CS520 System

 CS540 Convertible System  CS510 Monaural System  CS520 Binaural System

The CS500 series wireless headsets connect directly to desktop phones, and do not have removable cradles as featured with the multi-device Savi 700 series.

Because the CS500 and Savi 700 earpieces share a common form factor and DECT communications protocol, the Savi W740, W710 and W720 headset/cradle combos can be used in combination with offline charging units to provide multi-shift capability for the CS540, CS510 and CS520 wireless systems.

Spare Headsets and Cradles

Savi 740 Headset and Cradle

W740 Headset and Cradle

Savi W710 Headset and Cradle

W710 Headset and Cradle

W720 Headset and Cradle

W720 Headset and Cradle

 W740 Headset and Cradle  W710 Headset and Cradle  W720 Headset and Cradle
 p/n 83356-01  p/n 83323-11  p/n 83322-11

The cradles are loaded onto an offline charging unit, and the second headset is mounted onto the respective cradle for offline charging while the main system and headset are in use. (Either headset will also charge on the system Base). When an alternate user wants to connect live, he/she simply mounts their headset earpiece onto the main system Base, and it will automatically subscribe to the system. The first user then moves their earpiece to the offline charger/cradle to recharge for later use.

Offline Charging Bays

Single-bay Charger

Single-bay Charger

Five-bay Charger

Five-bay Charger

Single Bay Charger Five-bay Charger
p/n 86005-01 p/n 84609-01

There are two charger configurations available, a single bay unit where there are just two people sharing a single system with individual headsets, and a 5-Bay charger for larger 24×7 operations with multiple systems and users.


The CS540 and W740 earpieces are similar in form factor and functionality, but use different battery components.

The CS540 uses a flat rechargeable battery which is connected to the earpiece via a micro-connector inside the casing. Simply push down and back on the battery cover to remove it and access the battery.

The W740 battery is a hot swap component which slides onto the back of the earpiece.

Note that the CS540 and W740 earpieces are distinguishable by the black boom on the CS540 and the silver boom on the W740.

The CS510/520 and Savi W710/W720 are the same earpieces in every respect and use the same rechargeable batteries which may be accessed under a little rubber door on the edge of the headset.

CS540 Battery
CS540 Battery
W740 Battery
W740 Battery
CS510 Battery
CS510 Battery
 CS540 Battery  W740 Battery CS510/CS520 Battery
 p/n 86180-01  p/n 84598-01  p/n 64399-03

Other References

CS500 Agent Training Video

CS540 User Manual

How to Change a CS540 Battery

CS510/CS520 User Guide

CS510/CS520 Battery Replacement

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