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Savi W700 – Switching Between Desk Phone and Bluetooth Mobile Calls

Savi W740 System

Savi W740 System

How to Switch between Desk Phone and Mobile Calls Using Savi W700 Headsets

The Plantronics Savi W700 wireless headsets can be connected to three different communication devices – desk phone, PC VoIP softphone and a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Calls conducted on two devices can be connected and re-engaged remotely using controls on the earpiece, and conferenced using buttons on the base unit. User manuals for the Savi W740, W745, W730 and W720/720 models can be found on the pages at these links, and describe how to connect and manage calls from the various devices. This article explains how to manage simultaneous desk phone and mobile calls remotely using the Savi W700 earpiece.

First, the Bluetooth part. Your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone can be paired with the W700 Base* as follows:

1. Press down and hold the Bluetooth pairing button  for4 seconds (black bar on lower part of the base) until indicator LED flashes red and blue. The base will remain in this mode for 10 minutes. If it goes off, you will need to press it again.

2. Place Bluetooth mobile phone into search mode. Select SAVI 7xx  from the list of found devices.

3. If prompted by mobile phone, type 0000 as passcode.

The Bluetooth indicator LED on the W700 Base will turn solid blue when the Base has an active connection with the mobile phone.

4. While wearing headset, short press base mobile button (middle one on the top of the Base).

5. Dial test call from mobile phone.

6. End call by pressing headset call control button.

* Note that the W700 Bluetooth transmitter is in the Base, not in the earpiece. You cannot use the Bluetooth connection between wireless headset and your mobile phone no more than about 20 feet from the Base. However, the range between earpiece and Base is around 300 feet, no matter what the source of the call (desk phone, mobile or PC).

Managing simultaneous desk phone and Mobile phone calls:

You can remotely manage an incoming Mobile phone call when you are already on a desk phone call by putting the desk phone call on hold, completing the Mobile call, and then re-engaging the desk phone call, all from controls on the Savi 700 earpiece.

1. While you are engaged in a desk phone call, the phone LED (RH top Button/LED on Base) is solid green.

2. You receive an incoming call on your Mobile phone.

–  You will be alerted to the incoming Mobile call by periodic beeps in the headset earpiece.

– The Mobile connection button/LED (middle one on top of base) will start flashing green.

3. Select the headset volume control button UP or DOWN for 14 seconds to answer the incoming Mobile call.

The Base Mobile LED turn solid green, and the desk phone LED will flash red (the desk phone call is now on Hold).

4. Select the Call Control button on the earpiece to terminate the Mobile call.

The Mobile LED on the Base will go out, but the desk phone LED will be still flashing red.

5. Select the earpiece volume UP or DOWN again to re-engage the desk phone call.

The desk phone LED on the Base will now go solid green, and the call is active again.

Select the earpiece Call Control button to end the desk phone call.

For additional technical information about the Savi W700 series, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/savi_w700.htm

or contact in the Calgary Alberta office at:

Western Canada Office

Calgary, Alberta
Phone: (403) 239-8414
Toll Free: 1-877-244-8414
calgary at comfortcanada.com

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