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Why Choose Comfort Canada as Your Headset Supplier

Reasons to choose Comfort Telecom Canada as your communications headset supplier.

Reason number one is that we are so awesome. We are a small enough company that we can respond quickly to our customer needs, and in many cases keep track of what you have previously ordered and help you maintain and replace or expand your equipment. We’ll provide you with fair market value, and ensure you purchase the correct peripherals and interface devices to successfully connect your headsets to your communications systems, whether they are desk phones, Bluetooth devices or computer-based VoIP systems.

Corded Telephone Headsets

Corded Telephone Headsets

Comfort and efficiency – in a word, ergonomics – are important in the office. We can offer a wide range of corded telephone headsets to take the strain off telephone conversations when you are working at your desk .

Corded VoIP Headsets

Corded VoIP Headsets

For computer-based VoIP applications, we recommend the Plantronics Blackwire line of USB headsets. All models offer intuitive inline controls, noise cancelling microphones and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and can be ordered Optimized for Microsoft® Lync™ 2010, or for other softphones such as Avaya, Cisco or ShoreTel.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets provide the capability answer and manage calls while you are away from your desk. These devices use DECT protocol, allowing you to roam up to 100 metres (about 300 feet) from the base unit, and you can answer and end calls remotely with the right remote Call Control accessories or cables. The Plantronics CS500 series connect specifically to desk phones. The Savi W440 connects to computers for VoIP and other computer based voice applications, while the Savi W700 series will connect and interconnect calls on desk phones, computer VoIP calls and Bluetooth devices.

Multi-Shift Operations

Multi-Shift Operations

The Plantronics Savi 700 line makes it easy to implement “hot desking”. No more sharing headsets in 24×7 or multi-shift operations. The base unit is modular so that the headset and cradle can be easily removed and replaced with another fully charged module assigned to a different user. Multiple people can conduct work at the same workstation with their personal headsets, without disconnecting any equipment. Single-bay and five-bay offline charging units keep all your headsets charged up and ready to go.

Special Applications

Special Applications

Comfort Canada also supplies EnGenius Long Range Cordless Phones and Polycom Soundstation conference phones.

The EnGenius DuraFon is an analogue cordless phone with a range of one to two kilometres (depending on setup and surrounding environment), and is ideal for farms, ranches, resorts and other commercial or rugged operations. It is available in single line (DuraFon 1X) and four-line (DuraFon Pro) models.

The Polycom Soundstation conference phones are top-of-the-line conference room phones for medium to large room applications. Models range from the Soundstation 2 corded unit, the Soundstation 2W wireless unit for mobile situations, and Soundstation VTX 1000 for larger conference centres.

Comfort Canada has offices in Calgary, Alberta and Brampton, Ontario (head office). For further information about Comfort Canada, please visit our website at www.comfortcanada.com/, email is at the Calgary office at calgary at comfortcanada.com or call us at 403-239-8414 (Toll free in Canada – 877-244-8414). We’ll happily (and awesomely) answer your questions.

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