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Headset and Office Communication Solutions

 Headsets are Ergonomic

Headsets are Ergonomic

Stylish, Durable, Ergonomic

Headset Ergonomics

  • Reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue
  • Headsets Offer health benefits by improving posture
  • Headsets Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Provide privacy as well as hands free operation
  • Increased mobility and freedom
  • Protect your ears from noise spikes with a good quality headset
  • Unified Communications (UC) with Blackwire VoIP and Savi Wireless headset systems
HW251N Corded Headset

HW251N Corded Headset

HW251N & HW261N

Plantronics Corded Headsets

Noise cancelling – Use with Amplifier or Direct Connect QD Cable

Viking V92 Wideband Corded Headset

Viking V92 Wideband Corded Headset

V91WB & V92WB

Viking Corded Headsets

 Noise cancelling – Use with Amplifier or Direct Connect QD Cable

HW301 Corded Headset

HW301 Corded Headset

HW291N & HW301N


Corded Headsets

Noise cancelling – Use with Amplifier or Direct Connect QD Cable

Direct Connect Cable

Direct Connect Cable

      A10 Direct Connect Cable

      Plantronics Audio Processors & Direct Connect Cables

Ask us about Generic direct connect and Polaris cables for specific desk phones

Blackwire C435 VoIP Headset

Blackwire C435 VoIP Headset

Blackwire C435

Plantronics Blackwire VoIP Headsets

Wideband stereo, noise cancelling mic for Video conferencing and PC use on-the-road


Blackwire C510 with MS LYNC Plug and Play

Blackwire C510 with MS LYNC Plug and Play

Blackwire C510 & C520

Plantronics Blackwire VoIP Headsets

Wideband stereo, noise cancelling mic with Smart Sensor technology,  Standard UC and MS Lync models

Voyager Legend UC

Voyager Legend UC

Voyager Legend UC

Plantronics Bluetooth UC Headset

Mobile and Laptop Connectivity, includes mobile charging case and desktop charge stand

Savi 440

Savi 440

Savi W440

Plantronics Wireless VoIP Headset

DECT 6.0 wireless headset, 300 ft. range, with carry case for in-office and on-the-road applications, Standard UC and MS Lync models

CS500 Series

CS500 Series

CS540, CS510 and CS520

Plantronics CS500 Wireless Series

Connects to all brands of corded desk phones, DECT™ technology: up to 350 ft. range


Savi W700 Series with Multi-device connectivity

Savi W700 Series with Multi-device connectivity

Savi W740, W710 and W720

Plantronics Savi W700 Wireless Series

Triple connectivity, DECT™ technology: up to 350 ft. range, Standard UC and MS Lync models


EHS Cable

EHS Cable

  Plantronics Wireless Remote Call Control – HL10 Handset Lifter and Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) Cable options

Supports headset remote call control for most desk phones, EHS control for Cisco, Avaya, Shoretel and other advanced systems


Plantronics CS520 Battery

Plantronics CS520 Battery

       Plantronics and EnGenius DuraFon  Accessories – Batteries and more


DuraFon Long Range Industrial Phones

EnGenius DuraFon 1X and DuraFon Pro

Single Line and Four Line Long Range Analog Telephone Systems – Up to 250,000 sq. ft. or 3000 acres


Contact our Calgary, Alberta office for a quote specific to your needs. Phone 403-239-8414 (or toll-free 1-877-244-8414) or email Calgary@comfortcanada.com. All prices in Canadian dollars, plus applicable taxes and shipping. For more information about our company, products and repair services, please visit our website www.comfortcanada.com.


EnGenius DuraFon Applications

DuraFon Applications

DuraFon Applications

EnGenius DuraFons Long Range Cordless Phones are used anywhere that requires multiple handsets using shared lines, handset-to-handset operations or longer base-to-handset range than is possible with other cordless phones.

Some of our Canadian DuraFon customer applications. These are just a few examples to illustrate the flexibility and diversity of DuraFon installations.

  • Cottage phone: Fraser Lake, BBC – Located in a cottage about 1 KM across a lake, the DuraFon Base Unit is connected to the phone line in a house on the serviced side of the lake, while the handsets are located in and around the cottage on the far side of the lake. This arrangement is unique in that no external antenna is required. The Base unit is mounted in a weather-proof box mounted on the side of the house. Works great!
  • Motel in La Crete, Alberta – Handsets used by staff at the main desk as well as servicing the rooms.
  • Berry Farm and Winery in Langly, BC
  • RV Resort in Victoria, BC
  • Seed and Grains farm in Halkirk, Alberta
  • Express and Taxi Services in Providence, NWT
  • Greenhouses in Morinville, Alberta
  • Hotel in Vancouver, BC
  • Resort in Mara, BC
  • RCMP Division in Nunavut
  • Ronald McDonald House, Calgary, Alberta
  • Seniors Centre in Victoria, BC – this installation uses two linked DuraFon 1X bases to distribute signal throughout a “T”-shaped facility
  • Ski Resort in Kananaskis, Alberta
  • Alpine Resort in Kimberly, BC
  • Housing Association in Paulatuk, NWT
  • Guest Ranch in Clinton, BC
  • Building Materials company in Calgary, Alberta
  • Hotel and Inn in Whitehorse, YK
  • Taxi company in Churchill, MB

Here is how EnGenius DuraFon products achieve such great range:

900 MHz frequency

  • 900MHz is less used, penetrates objects better, and simply goes further than higher frequencies used by DECT and WiFi technologies (1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz)
  • Using the 900MHz ISM band (902-928MHz FHSS) no licensing is required
  • Lower frequencies are less prone to multipath interference (reflected signals that cancel or degrade the primary signal)

High power

  • RF power for both base and handset is approx. 708mW or 28.5dbm. Again much higher than other technology phones

External and high gain antennas

  • 2dbi end-fed dipole or optional 6dbi external antenna for the base station
  • The external antenna not only has more gain but can be mounted in more ideal locations for maximum range including outdoors. An optional antenna splitter allows use of up to two antennas for one base station

A built-in RSSI signal measurement tool

  • This allows you an easy way to conduct your own range testing and site surveys
  • Available on DuraFon v2 DuraFons

No sharing of bandwidth, QoS, or security concerns as with VoWiFi phones

  • No need to upgrade or redesign an existing WiFi deployment to support voice

For additional product information and pricing for EnGenius DuraFon products in Canada, please contact us at

Comfort Telecom Canada – Calgary Office

Toll-free: 1-877-244-8414

email: calgary@comfortcanada.com

or visit our website at:


EnGenius DuraFon and Freestyl1 Long Range Cordless Phones

DuraFon Banner

DuraFon 1X and DuraFon Pro

The EnGenius DuraFon Long Range Cordless Phones are designed specifically for rugged applications such as farms, ranches, green houses, marinas, RV parks and campgrounds, resorts and condos and other similar environments. The DuraFon is available in a 1-line system expandable up to 8 handsets, and a DuraFon Pro 4-line version expandable to 32 handsets on a single base.

Range ratings are up to 3000 acres in an open environment, up to 250,000 sq. feet in a warehouse, and up to 12 stories in buildings. Typically this translates to 1 – 2 Km or more in an outside situation, depending on terrain and obstacles.

FreeStyl1 Long Range Cordless Phone

The new EnGenius FreeStyl1 is for moderately long range applications such as large estates and acreages.

The FreeStyl1 is a single-line system expandable up to 9 handsets, and covers up to 25,000 square feet (in-building), 10 acres open space and 6 floors of penetration. This translates into a range of about 800 metres depending on terrain and obstacles.

If you already have an EnGenius system and need replacement batteries or accessories such as antennas, call us. We can supply them.

For more information on EnGenius products, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Engenius/engenius.htm

or email us at our Calgary, Alberta office at Calgary{at}comfortcanada.com

EnGenius DuraFon 1X – FAX Machine Connection

DuraFon 1X

EnGenius DuraFon 1X

The EnGenius DuraFon 1 X is a single line cordless phone capable of ranges of 2 or more kilometers, and expandable up to 8 handsets.  Small office users may want to install a FAX machine on the same line, especially in remote areas where lines are at a premium. Connecting a FAX machine on the same line as the DuraFon, either via a splitter or on a separate wall jack on the same line, can spell problems with the DuraFon 1X, necessitating a system reset.

A solution is available via the RJ11 Answering Machine port on the bottom of the DuraFon 1X base.  The FAX machine telephone cord may be connected to this port and programmed to engage after a preset number of rings.

DuraFon 1X Base

Answering Machine Port

Some users also use a “Smart Line” to distinguish voice call vs Fax incoming on the same line.

An added feature of this port is that it can also be used to connect a regular analogue phone which can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls when the DuraFon handset is not available (and not in use).

Note that this does not apply to a DuraFon 4X or DuraFon Pro 4-line system.  These systems do not support a separate “Answering Machine” port.

Visit the Comfort Telecom Canada – EnGenius Q&A page for more tips on features, setup and operation of the EnGenius DuraFon systems.