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Wireless Headsets & Multi-shift operations

Savi Office WO100We’ve recently discovered how to use Plantronics Savi Office wireless headsets in a multi-shift or 24×7 type of environment. Most wireless headsets using DECT technology have a continuous talk time of, at most, 8 hours. Besides that, most headset users sharing a comms system prefer their own personal headset. Plantronics has solved this problem by designing the Savi Office with removable docking components, so that the complete headset cradle attached to the wireless system can be detached and moved to a separate charging bay, and a fully charged headset with cradle can be snapped into the main system base with exchange of users. Neat, slick and easy to pair the new headset with the system base unit. The spare Savi Office headset complete with cradle, earpiece, earhook and headband (depending on model) can be ordered as an accessory under these component names: WH100, WH200, WH300 or WH350.

For a video illustration, visit Savi-Tips on the Comfort Telecom Canada Website.