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Plantronics Savi W440 Packaging Bonus

Savi W440 in-the-box

Savi W440 in-the-box

The Plantronics Savi W440 new packaging now includes a hard carrying case, similar in size to a good eyeglasses case. This may seem like a small item, but it certainly makes your packing easier when you want to take your headset and laptop to the conference room or when traveling.

The Savi W440 has numerous audio features, including Advanced wideband audio for high definition voice quality – ideal for web conferencing, softphones and Nuance Dragon speech recognition software. The complete Savi line of wireless headsets is designed for Unified Communications applications, with specific models optimized for Microsoft Lync.

Savi W440 Desktop Kit

Savi W440 Desktop Kit

Desktop Applications:

The W440 kit used for most desktop applications consists of the AC power supply, charging base, D100 wireless USB adapter, and the WH500 earpiece with either the earhook, headband or neckband attached.  Since the W440 battery has a “talk time” of about 7 hours, if you are going to be actively using the headset for an extended period, you might want to have a spare battery on hand and keep it charged with the USB charging cable included with the kit.  If this is a common occurrence, then you can order a “Deluxe Charging Cradle” with spare battery (p/n 84601-01). This accessory snaps on to the charging base and includes a “charging drawer” for the spare battery.

Savi W440 Portable

Savi W440 Portable

Portable Configuration:

The portable configuration for the W440 kit consists of the earpiece with earhook, wireless USB adapter and USB battery charger if you plan to be away from the office for an extended period of time.

For help in setting up your Savi headset system, there are print and video media available on the Comfort Telecom Canada website.

For additional information on Plantronics Unified Communications headsets, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/plantronics.htm or email us at the Calgary Alberta office at calgary@comfortcanada.com

Making your Wireless Savi W740 Mobile

Savi W740 Earpiece

Savi W740 Earpiece

Your Plantronics Savi W740 headset is normally hardwired to your desk phone and your computer. Want to make it more flexible so you can take the earpiece on business trips or to the boardroom to connect to your Laptop? Here’s how:

The optional D100 USB adapter enables you to continue to use your headset with your computer wherever you need to travel. Add the USB Deluxe Charging kit with spare battery, and you leave the Savi W700 base in the office and use your Savi W740 ear piece with your laptop softphone and other voice applications while away from the office.

Savi D100 DECT USB Adapter

Savi D100 USB Adapter

Follow the procedure below to subscribe/pair your headset to the adapter.
1. Plug your D100 into a USB port on your Laptop.
If your earpiece is still active with the Savi W700 Base, follow steps 2 and 3. Otherwise skip to step 4.
2. Lift the earpiece from the W700 Base.
3. Make sure the connection between between the earpiece and the Base is off (green LED on left side of base is off)

Savi USB Deluxe Charging kit and Spare Battery

Savi USB Deluxe Charging kit and Spare Battery

4. Double click the subscription button on the outer tip of the D100. The D100 LED strip will begin flashing Red/Green.
5. Press and hold the volume-up button on the headset until the headset LED turns solid White and the D100 LED turns solid Green. The headset and D100 are now subscribed to one another.
Note: If the process is not successful, the USB adapter indicator light glows solid red for four seconds and then returns to its previous state. If this occurs, try the process again.
6. Select the Call Control button on the Earpiece to activate the connection between headset and Laptop. The D100 LED will flash Green while connection is active.

To return call connection to the Savi W700 Base, simply mount the W700 earpiece in the base. Headset-to-Base subscription will be restored automatically after a few seconds.
Or use the over-the-air subscription procedure:
1. With your system idle and your headset undocked, press and hold the subscription button on the base for three seconds. The Power on/subscription light will flash white.
2. Press and hold the volume up button on the headset for three seconds until the headset LED turns solid white. When the Power on/subscription LED on the base becomes solid white, the headset and base are subscribed to one another.

Order codes:

83550-01 – D100 DECT USB Adapter for standard UC

83876-01 – D100-M DECT USB Adapter for Microsoft Lync & Office Communicator 2007

84603-01 – USB Deluxe Charging Kit for the Savi W440, W740 & WH500. Includes deluxe USB charger and spare battery.

For additional product and ordering information on Plantronics Wireless products, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/plnt_wireless.htm, or contact the Comfort Telecom Canada Calgary office at calgary@comfortcanada.com, or by phone at 403-239-8414.

Conferencing Plantronics Savi Office and Savi W700 Headsets in Mixed Environments

With the introduction of Plantronics new Savi W700 multi connectivity wireless headset series and the phasing out of the Savi Office Wireless headset systems, we wondered how the multiple headset conferencing feature would function when the two model series are mixed in the same facility. We did some testing and found the answer to be YES, you can conference any mix of Savi Office and Savi W700 headsets and bases.

First, the basics.

Here is how you set up a multi headset conference:

To set-up Savi Office and/or Savi W700 conferencing:
1. Start your call on your master headset.
2. Place a 2nd same model* headset into your base charging cradle.
2a. Or, for Over-the-Air subscription, on the guest  headset, press the headset Volume Button Up “+” for 3 seconds until the Indicator Light on the side of the headset turns ON. (you will have to do this if the guest headset is a different model).
3. Press the Subscription Button on the host base for less than one second. The Subscription Light will flash yellow and green.
4. The light will turn solid yellow, you will also hear a tone in your host  headset.
5. You now have 5 seconds to press your Call Control Button on the master headset to accept your guest. Repeat steps 2-5 for adding additional headsets.
To exit or Disconnect – Your guests can exit the call by pressing their Call Control Button. When the host headset Call Control Button is pressed to end the conference call, all guests will be disconnected.

Below are illustrations of various Savi Office and and Savi W700 combinations we tried:

W710 Headset Conferenced to a W740 Host

W710 Headset Conferenced to a W740 Host

This as a Savi W710 guest headset conferenced in with a W740 host. Note that you can not mount this guest headset into the host charging cradle, so Over the Air subscription was used.

W740 Guset Headset Conferenced to a WO350 Host Base

W740 Guset Headset Conferenced to a WO350 Host Base

This s a Savi W740 guest headset conferenced to a Savi Office WO350 base. This is an example where a supervisor conferences and mutes their headset to a CSR host station to monitor and coach.

WO350 Guest Conferenced to a W740 Host

WO350 Guest Conferenced to a W740 Host

This illustrates a Savi Office WO350 guest joining a Savi W740 call.

The following table details the various combinations tested, with some notes on the steps required to set up the conference.

Savi Office and Savi 700 Series  Over the Air (Off Cradle) Conferencing

Guest Headset

WO100 Base (1)

WO350 Base (1)

W740 Base (2)

W710 Base (2)

WH100 earpiece Over the Air Yes Yes Yes (3) (4) Yes (3) (4)
WH350 headset Over the Air Yes Yes Yes (3) (4) Yes (3) (4)
Savi W740 earpiece Over the Air Yes Yes Yes (3) (4) Yes (3) (4)
Savi W710 earpiece Over the Air Yes Yes Yes (3) (4) Yes (3) (4)
(1) Conferencing to a Savi Office WOxxx Base: While on a call you can subscribe up to three additional headsets to your base for conferencing.a.) Place the guest’s headset into over-the-air subscription mode by pushing the headset volume up button for three seconds until the indicator light becomes solid green.b.) Short press (less than one second) the subscription button on the base.The subscription light will flash yellow and green.c.) The master headset will emit a tone indicating a guest wishes to join the call.

The subscription light will then turn solid green.

d.) Press the call control button on the master headset within five seconds.

The Base subscription LED will turn solid yellow. The guest is joined to the call.

If you do not press the call control button within five seconds, the request to join the call is rejected and the guest will hear an error tone in their headset.

Guests may leave the conference call by pressing their call control button.

When they do you will hear a single tone in the master headset as each guest leaves the call.

(2) Conferencing to a Savi W700 Base: While on a call you can subscribe up to three additional headsets to your base for conferencing.a.) Press the guest headset volume up button until the indicator light turns on.b.) Short press the base subscription button while the base has an active link.c.) When the base subscription LED stops flashing green and yellow and remains solid yellow, the request to join will be heard in the primary user’s headset.c.) Press the call control button on the primary user headset within 10 seconds to accept the guest.

The Base Subscription LED will continue flashing yellow/green for about 4 seconds(4), then turns solid yellow indicating the conference link is complete and active.

Guests may leave the conference call by pressing their call control button.

When they do you will hear a single tone in the master headset as each guest leaves the call.

In the master Headset call control button is selected, it also will terminate both the master Link and the guest headset link.

(3) The Savi W700 user manuals instruct you to short-press-once the primary base subscription button first, then the guest headset volume-up control second.  This will initiate a successful conferencing sequence, but the guest headset needs to be placed in close proximity to the base, within 30 to 40 cm. Selecting the headset volume-up first, then the base subscription button (once) second, the guest headset can be at least 2-3 metres from the base.
(4) With the Savi W700 base, (but not the Savi Office WOxxx base), there is a short window after the primary user hears the guest request beep in master headset and selects the primary headset call control button, where the base subscription LED continues to flash yellow/green for a few seconds before changing to solid yellow indicating successful conference link. If the primary user selects the master headset call control button again in that window, it will cause the base Link button to turn from green to “not illuminated”.  However the actual Link is not broken, and the primary call is still active. Selection the primary headset call control button again will cause the Link LED to go solid green again, and the call and conference link remain active.

For Savi W700 product information, manuals and user tips, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/savi_w700.htm, or email us in Calgary, Alberta at calgary@comfortcanada.com.

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC Promotion

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC Promotion

Voyager Pro UC Promotion

Blackwire 420

Blackwire 420 USB Headset

Voyager Pro UC

Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics has just released its next generation award-winning Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth® headset. The Voyager PRO UC B230 revolutionizes mobile phone and PC communications through smart sensor technology. It uses advanced hardware and software that seamlessly eliminate communication complexity by detecting presence, integrating with your PC applications, and dramatically enhancing the headset experience.

You can get one of these free when you purchase five Blackwire 420 USB corded headsets.  The Blackwire 420 is a binaural  USB headset with inline controls, designed for high quality sound and UC (Unified Communications) applications.

The Blackwire 420/Voyager Pro UC promotion extends from January 26 to April 30, 2011. Visit the Comfort Telecom Canada promo page at www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/Blackwire_VoyProUC_Promo.htm for details.

For other  products available from Comfort Canada, please visit our website, or email us at Calgary@comfortcanada.com, or phone us at the Calgary Alberta office at 403-239-8414

ShoreTel Phone Systems

ShoreTel keeps cropping up as a as a phone system of choice.  Here are some pointers on the ShoreTel phones as well as interfaces to different types of telephone headsets.

Point 1. ShoreTel Forum – This forum has some useful information on ShoreTel phone system setup and administration.

Point 2. Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) control: the ShoreTel IP200 and IP500 series support EHS directly through the communication cable between Plantronics CS-series and Savi Office wireless headset systems. A small ring detection cable (RD-1) is needed to alert users for incoming calls.  The ShoreTel IP115 does not have a headset port, so it requires a handset lifter to support wireless headset remote answer/end call functions.

Point 3. ShoreTel Softphone to UC Headset Call Control: Plantronics has recently announced a new software release for UC headsets which supports ShoreTel softphone call control.

Click here for more information on Plantronics Wireless and UC headsets.