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Plantronics Wireless Headsets – Batteries

Plantronics wireless headsets are available in several families which includes the CS50, CS55, CS70N, CS351N/CS361N, the new CS500 series and the new Savi W700 series.  All of these wireless systems use Lithium Ion (Li-on) batteries in the ear pieces that need replacing periodically, typically after about 2 years, although this varies depending on usage and how often they are charged. If you as a user notice that the battery is not holding its charge for more than a couple of hours, then it is time to get a new battery.  And if the headset is mission critical, then stock up on some spare batteries.

Here are the batteries for various headset models along with some installation tips.

64399-01 Battery for CS50/CS55

64399-01 Battery for CS50/CS55

The 64399-01 is the replacement battery for the CS50 and CS55. To replace this battery, remove the cover on the underside of the earpiece, unhook the tiny electrical plug and remove the old battery, then connect the new battery and replace the cover. This process can be a bit tricky, so if you have problems, see the detailed procedure at this link.

Tip: To squeeze a bit more life out of an old battery while you are waiting for a replacement, try resetting the CS55 system. Here’s how.


72910-01 CS70N Earpiece

72910-01 CS70N Earpiece

The CS70N is a sealed earpiece and does not have a replaceable battery. Order the 72910-01 earpiece to replace the battery.





64399-01 Multi-device battery

64399-01 Battery for Over the Head Headsets

All of the Plantronics over-the-head headsets, including the CS351N/CS361N, Savi Office WH300/WH350, CS510/CS520 and Savi W710/W720 use the same 64399-03 battery.

Click here for instructions on how to replace the battery.



82904-01 Savi Office WH110 Headset

82904-01 Savi Office WH110 Headset

Savi 740 Headset and Cradle

Savi 740 Headset and Cradle

The Savi Office WO100 headset is a sealed unit with no replaceable battery. To replace the battery, order a complete 82904-01 WH110 headset and cradle, or upgrade to a new 83356-01 Savi 740 headset and cradle, which comes with a replaceable battery. The Savi W740 cradle will mount on the Savi Office WO100 base.  Note you will need to order Headband, neckband and/or Earhook Fit Kit separately with the W740 upgrade.

86180-01 CS540 Battery

86180-01 CS540 Battery

The CS540 earpiece uses the 86180-01 replaceable battery. Click here for instructions on how to replace the battery on the CS540.






84598-01 Savi W740 Battery

84598-01 Savi W740 Hot Swappable Battery

The Savi W440W740  and  W745  wireless headsets use the 84598-01 replaceable battery. The battery is hot swappable, which is especially effective on the Savi W745 system that piggybacks an additional battery charging port in the charging cradle.





Comfort Canada carries batteries for all Plantronics wireless headset models as well as Jabra/GN Netcom wireless models and EnGenius DuraFon long range cordless phones. For more information, please visit the Comfort Canada website or contact us at calgary{at}comfortcanada{dot}com

The Calgary Team

Are Plantronics Savi Office and Savi W700 Interchangeable?

Since Plantronics has announced end-of-life for the Savi Office WO100, WO300 and WO350 products, to be replaced by the new Savi W740, W710 and W720 products, we wanted to know how this would affect our customers’ installed products. Can you use your Savi Offices headsets on W700 bases and vice versa? In multi-shift environments, can you take your personal headset earpiece and mount it at any workstation with any model base?

The answer is YES YOU CAN. Below are some images and test results.

Savi Test Gear

Savi Office and Savi W700 Test Gear

We tried three modes of linking different model headsets to various headset system Bases:

1. Mounting the headset into a compatible charging cradle on another base (the WO300, WO350, W710 and W720 all use the same type charging cradles, althought the Savi Office cradles are silver/grey, while the W700 cradles are black)

2. Moving charging cradle and headset to a different base

3. Over-the-air subscription, where a headset can be subscribed/linked to a different base without mounting it in the charging cradle

Note that there is one key difference between how headsets subscribe to to the Bases. For the Savi Office Base, you have to press the Subscription button twice after you mount the headset in the cradle. For the Savi W700 series Bases, the Base recognizes the headset when it is placed in the cradle, and auto-subscription takes place without having to manually select the Subscription button.

W710 HS Mounted on WO350 Base

W710 HS Mounted on WO350 Base

The Savi W710 and W720 headsets use the same charging cradles as the Savi Office WO300/WO350, so can be interchanged between these systems.

W710 HS and Cradle Mounted on WO350 Base

W710 HS and Cradle Mounted on WO350 Base

In this case, the complete W710 charging cradle and headset have been mounted on the Savi Office WO350 Base.  Notice that the Base is silver, while the cradle is black.

WH350 HS Mounted on W710 Base and Cradle

WH350 HS Mounted on W710 Base and Cradle

This is a W350 headset mounted on a W710 system.

W740 H/S Subscribed OtA to a WO100 system Base

W740 H/S Subscribed OtA to a WO100 system Base

Any Savi Office or Savi W700 series can be subscribed to any system base over the air, without mounting it in the cradle, following the procedures below. You might do this when the headset does not fit the mounted cradle (e.g. W740 vs W710, or WH100 vs Savi W740).

To Subscribe – Headset Un-Docked

Double press the subscription button on the base. The subscription light will flash red and green. Press the volume up button on the headset for three seconds until the headset indicator light turns solid green.

When the subscription light on the base becomes solid green, the headset and base are subscribed to one another.

The following table details the various combinations tested. Note that the CS540 earpiece was successfully tested with the W740 base and cradle as they have the same form factor and use the same communication protocol.

Savi Office and Savi 700 Series  Interchangeability – Moving headsets and Cradles Between Bases

Subscription Compatibility

WO100 Base

WO350 Base

W740 Base

W710 Base

CS540 earpiece to cradle No No Yes (1) No
CS540 Over the Air Yes Yes Yes Yes
WH100 earpiece to cradle Yes (2) No No No
WH100 earpiece Over the Air Yes Yes Yes Yes
WH350 headset to cradle No Yes (2) No Yes (1)
WH350 headset Over the Air Yes Yes Yes Yes
Savi W740 earpiece to cradle No No Yes (1) No
Savi W740 earpiece Over the Air Yes Yes Yes Yes
Savi W710 earpiece to cradle No Yes (2) No Yes(1)
Savi W710 earpiece Over the Air Yes Yes Yes Yes
WH100 Cradle/earpiece to Base Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes(1) Yes (1)
WH350 Cradle/headset to Base Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes(1) Yes (1)
Savi W740 Cradle/earpiece to Base Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (1) Yes (1)
Savi W710 Cradle/headset to Base Yes (2) Yes (2) Yes (1) Yes (1)
(1) Auto Subscription
(2) Manual Subscription

For further product information about the new W700 series, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/savi_w700.htm

For information about other products from Comfort Telecom Canada, visit www.comfortcanada.com or email us at calgary@comfortcanada.com

Plantronics Savi Office Advantages

Plantronics Savi Office Wireless headset Family

Plantronics Savi Office Wireless headset Family

With the More for (Wire)less promotion, a Savi Office Wireless Headset System can be purchased at a great discount and value add, while future proofing your investment. Until February 28, 2011, you can purchase 3 or more Savi Office systems and get free Remote Call Control accessories (HL10 or EHS cables), for the same cost as purchasing the CS-series wireless headsets with those accessories.

A Savi Office Headset System has the additional advantages of:

• UC and multimedia ready. Seamlessly switch between deskphone and PC.

• Features Savi Share. Modular design is ideal for multiple shift and hot-desking environments.

• Allows ‘Call Mixing’. Users can conference traditional phone calls and computer calls.

• Improved battery life and density issues through adaptive power. The Savi system senses how far it is from the base and automatically adjusts power consumption.

• Makes supervisor intervention easy. Join a call in progress by pairing with a user’s base unit on the fly. No more Y-cables.

• Great for training. Multiple trainees can pair with a user’s base unit to unobtrusively sit in on real customer interactions.

• Style swap ability. If a user wants a different wearing style, they don’t need to buy a complete new unit, they can just buy the top and cradle.

Plus you are future proofing your investment. Even if you are not currently making PC calls, you WILL need a headset for computer use at some point. When you buy the Savi Office headset system you are investing in your future needs by purchasing a headset with more capabilities for the same cost.

For detailed product information and documentation, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada Savi Office webpage. Or contact us at the Comfort Canada Calgary office at calgary@comfortcanada.com or by phone at 403-239-8414.

Multi-Shift Operations with Plantronics Savi Office


Savi Office WO100 Base and Cradle


Apart from the multiple wearing style options and other useful features such as improved range (350 ft), DECT clarity and security, the Savi Office has some specific design attributes that make it ideally suited for multi-shift operations.

A spare Savi Office earpiece and cradle (WH100, WH200, WH300 or WH350) and auxiliary charging unit are available to ensure continuous operations.


Savi Office 5-unit Charging Bay


Just lift the current cradle and earpiece off the base, move it to the charger, replace it with a fully charged headset and cradle, subscribe the new earpiece to


Savi Office WH350 Cradle and Headset


the base, and you are operational again.

Some operational tips and best practices:

1. When you mount a replacement headset on the base, make sure you remember to “Subscribe” it to the base by double selection of the Subscription button. You can verify if your earpiece is connected to the base by selecting the Call Control button on the earpiece or top of the base.

2. If you are replacing one headset with another of the same model, you don’t have to move the whole cradle and headset combo. Just exchange headsets from base to charger.

3. Even if you are moving a different model headset from charger to base (e.g. WH100 vs WH350 which uses a different cradle), you can still subscribe the new earpiece to the base using over-the-air subscription. Just select the Subscription button on the base, and while it is flashing green/red, select the “Volume +” button on the earpiece.

4. When removing/installing a cradle on the Savi Office base or charger, remove the headset first, and lift the cradle vertically. This will produce less wear and stress on the cradle.

For more tips and video guides on how to manage and maintain your Savi Office wireless headset, visit the Savi Office Tips page on the www.comfortcanada.com website.

Savi Office – New WH110 Earpiece


WH100 Pin/Snap


WH110 Flange/Socket

I recently received a brand new Savi Office WO100, and tried to change out the earhook for the headband in the headset kit. Previous units had a Pin and Snap mechanism for releasing the Earhook from the headset pod. But the recently delivered model has a different mechanism, and at first, it wasn’t obvious to me at least how to release the Earhook from the headset Pod. There is no Pin or Snap. Instead, the earhook is rooted solidly to the Pod. In the end the solution is readily available in the Plantronics documentation (online), and described below for your benefit. You can find the user manuals for both the WH100 Pin/Snap type and the WH110 Flange/Socket type on the Comfort Canada website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/savi_office.htm .


To install the WH100 Headband:
1. Gently unsnap the pre-installed earloop/Pin from the headset Pod Snap as shown in diagram 1.
2. Slot the headband/Pin into the headset Pod Snap. The headband can be adjusted to fit.
3. For either wearing option rotate the headset until the microphone is pointed toward your mouth.

4. The headset can be converted for wearing on the left or right ear with both earloop and headband. See more info in the Savi Office WO100/WH100 User Guide

To install the WH110 Headband:
1. Rotate the pre-installed earloop so the earloop and headset are aligned with one another as shown in diagram 2.
2. Firmly grip the earhook and pull the earhook “root” from the the headset Pod Socket. (Have dry hands and a firm grip all the way to the base of the earhook).
NOTE:  The headset or earloop can be damaged if they are not aligned with one another before removing.
3. Hold the headband so the Flange is aligned to fit into the headset Pod Socket, and snap the headband Flange into the headset Pod.

4. For either wearing option rotate the headset until the microphone is pointed toward your mouth.

5. The headset can be converted for wearing on the left or right ear with both earloop and headband. See more info in the Savi Office WO100/WH110 User Guide