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Configuring ShoreTel IP Phones for Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Plantronics CS70N

EHS call control from Plantronics CS-series and Savi Office Wireless Headsets to ShoreTel IP phones can be effected by connecting the wireless headset directly to the Headset port of the Shoretel Phone.  A RD-1 Ring Detector cable is required to complete the remote call pickup capability. The RD-1 3.5mm plug inserts into bottom of the Plantronics wireless headset charging base in the Aux port on the CS-series (CS55, CS70N, or SupraPlus Wireless CS351N/CS361N) or the Handset lifter port on the Savi Office WO100, WO200 or WO300, and the mic pickup is attached onto the phone speaker.

ShoreTel IP Phone

The phone must be configured for Auto Off-Hook Preference to “Wireless Headsets”, (see this link).

TIP: The RD-1 cable/mic is a sound vibration detector, and independent of the Headset-to-Phone EHS functionality. So long as it is connected to the wireless headset base, and the “mic” is mounted on the phone on or near the phone speaker, it can cause the headset to produce the “incoming call” alert, even when it is resting on the charging cradle. When in “Speaker” mode, even the voice signal coming through the speaker can cause the Wireless Headset “incoming call” alert to activate.

Workaround: Unplug the RD-1 from the Wireless Headset base if you are using the Speaker phone setting for a prolonged period.

… More info on Plantronics EHS

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  1. the handset lifter doesnt fit on my shoretel230 phone…any ideas?

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