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Jabra GN9125 User Tips

GN9125 Wireless

Jabra GN9125 Wireless

The Jabra GN9125 wireless headset is the popular successor to the GN9120. It features 100 metre range, 12 hours talk time, single and duo ear wearing configurations, remote call pickup and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) , as well as advanced multi-person conferencing features.

Removing the Battery Strip on a new GN9125:

When you first receive a new GN9125, it will have a yellow plastic tab sticking out of the earpiece. The tab actually goes into the headset housing and wraps around the bottom of the battery to separate it from the contacts, so you can’t charge or use the headset until the tab is removed. Normally you can pull out the tab cleanly by wrapping your finger around it and pulling  firmly. If it won’t come out, or tears, then you should remove the headband from the earpiece housing. The video below shows you how to do this, but basically, you remove the ear cushion cap, place 2 thumbs on the speaker, and fingernails in the crease separating the mic cover from the main housing, and push firmly. On new units the seal may be sticky, and if that is the case, and only the top separates, try using a coin to separate the bottom half.  Once you have opened the casing, the tab should slide out easily. If it still won’t come out, use a small screwdriver to release the battery retaining clip, take out the battery and make sure there are no remnants of the plastic tab left in the battery compartment. Please view the video below first before you do this, as it shows some further details on how to remove the battery.

If you are still having trouble, please call the Jabra Customer Support line at 1-800-826-4656. They are a very helpful group and can solve most user problems.

For detailed video user tips on topics such as System Setup, Battery Replacement, Synchronizing a new headset and programming the device, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada GN9125 Tips page.

Changing the GN9125 Battery

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