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Plantronics Unified Runtime Engine (P.U.R.E.)

Savi Office

Savi Office Softphone Support

Plantronics Unified Runtime Engine (P.U.R.E.) is the next generation Plantronics software, replacing PerSonoCall and PerSono Suite. PURE enables two headset features with compatible soft phones:
– Remote ring detection
– Remote answer/end

Supported devices: Savi Office, D100 (Savi 430), CS50 USB, DA45 (USB adapter), Voyager 510 USB, Voyager Pro UC, Blackwire 200 and 600 series

Supported Softphones:

•	Avaya IP Softphone R6.0, SP7 (6.01.93)
•	Avaya IP Agent V7.0 SP7 (
•	Avaya one-X Communicator V5.2 SP1 (
•	Cisco IP Communicator V7.0.3.3
•	CUCIMOC V7.1 (1259.6636)
•	Microsoft Office Communicator R1 (2.0.6362.129)
•	Microsoft Office Communicator R2 (3.5.6907.196)
•	Shoretel 9.2 (Call Manager 14.41.4603.0)
•	Skype V4.2 (

Visit the Plantronics website for downloading instructions.

Visit the Plantronics Knowledge Base for PURE basics and installation instructions.

For Plantronics UC headsets, click here…

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