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Selecting a Wireless Headset to Suit Your Application

Savi Go

Plantronics Savi GO User

With the proliferation of new wireless headset options with different capabilities and ranges available, it is sometimes confusing to select the one that will meet your requirements. Here is a quick summary of applications and some Plantronics wireless headsets with links to more detailed product information.

Wireless headset for desk phone (with corded handset, not a cordless phone):

CS55 DECT wireless headset. Range up to 300 feet. *



Wireless headset for Desk Phone and PC voice applications:

Savi Office wireless headset system. Range: up to 350 feet. *



Wireless headset for Desk Phone and Bluetooth for a PDA (Blackberry):

Voyager 510S Bluetooth wireless headset. Range: 20-30 feet.*


* Optional HL10 Handset lifter to enable remote call answer/end.


Wireless headset for PC voice applications:

Savi 430 DECT wireless headset system. Range up to 300 feet.



Wireless headset for PC voice applications and Bluetooth for a PDA (Blackberry):

Savi Go Bluetooth wireless headset system. Will connect to both your PC and to your Bluetooth-enabled PDA.  Range 80 to 100 feet from PC.


Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth Headset system with PC USB dongle.  Range: 20-30 feet.



Bluetooth for a PDA (Blackberry):

Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset.



Cordless Headset Phone:

CT14 DECT Wireless Headset phone with small dialpad and headset (with cord to dialpad). Range: up to 300 feet.



For further product information on wireless headsets, visit the Comfort Telecom Canada website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Plantronics/plnt_wireless.htm, or email us calgary@comfortcanada.com. Ask for a quote.

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