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ShoreTel Phone Systems

ShoreTel keeps cropping up as a as a phone system of choice.  Here are some pointers on the ShoreTel phones as well as interfaces to different types of telephone headsets.

Point 1. ShoreTel Forum – This forum has some useful information on ShoreTel phone system setup and administration.

Point 2. Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) control: the ShoreTel IP200 and IP500 series support EHS directly through the communication cable between Plantronics CS-series and Savi Office wireless headset systems. A small ring detection cable (RD-1) is needed to alert users for incoming calls.  The ShoreTel IP115 does not have a headset port, so it requires a handset lifter to support wireless headset remote answer/end call functions.

Point 3. ShoreTel Softphone to UC Headset Call Control: Plantronics has recently announced a new software release for UC headsets which supports ShoreTel softphone call control.

Click here for more information on Plantronics Wireless and UC headsets.

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