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EnGenius DuraFon and Freestyl1 Long Range Cordless Phones

DuraFon Banner

DuraFon 1X and DuraFon Pro

The EnGenius DuraFon Long Range Cordless Phones are designed specifically for rugged applications such as farms, ranches, green houses, marinas, RV parks and campgrounds, resorts and condos and other similar environments. The DuraFon is available in a 1-line system expandable up to 8 handsets, and a DuraFon Pro 4-line version expandable to 32 handsets on a single base.

Range ratings are up to 3000 acres in an open environment, up to 250,000 sq. feet in a warehouse, and up to 12 stories in buildings. Typically this translates to 1 – 2 Km or more in an outside situation, depending on terrain and obstacles.

FreeStyl1 Long Range Cordless Phone

The new EnGenius FreeStyl1 is for moderately long range applications such as large estates and acreages.

The FreeStyl1 is a single-line system expandable up to 9 handsets, and covers up to 25,000 square feet (in-building), 10 acres open space and 6 floors of penetration. This translates into a range of about 800 metres depending on terrain and obstacles.

If you already have an EnGenius system and need replacement batteries or accessories such as antennas, call us. We can supply them.

For more information on EnGenius products, please visit our website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/Engenius/engenius.htm

or email us at our Calgary, Alberta office at Calgary{at}comfortcanada.com

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