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Most Popular Phone and PC Headset Systems from Plantronics

Plantronics has come out with some new wireless headset models for telephone, computer and combined UC communications in the past few months that have been really popular with our customers, both from an ergonomic perspective and for the new and improved features provided.  Here are our favorites.


CS540 Wireless Telephone Headset System

CS540 Wireless Telephone Headset System

The CS540 replaces the venerable Plantronics CS55 as the wireless telephone headset most commonly found in front offices, customer support and contact centres.  The CS540 features newly designed and extremely light earpiece, converts from earhook to headband wearing style in a jiffy, and offers longer range (350 feet) than the retired CS55.  It also includes the multi-headset conferencing feature usually reserved for higher-end wireless headsets.  This means you can conference in 3 additional users to collaborate on a call, or simply bring in a manager/trainer in conference mode to mentor a trainee on a call.

The CS500 series also offers monaural (single ear) and binaural (2-ears) models for noisier environments.

Savi W740

Savi W740 Multi Device Wireless Headset System

Savi W740 Multi Device Wireless Headset System

The Savi W740 replaces the Plantronics Savi Office WO100 Wireless Phone/PC headset system. Range (350 feet) and features are similar, but the W740 incorporates a new lighter design for the earpiece with convertible earhook, headband and neckband accoutrements all in the box. The W740 also features an optional deluxe charging cradle with hot-swappable battery which allows you to extend your working hours with the headset.  The Savi 700 series allows you to connect to three different communications devices, desk phone, computer (USB port) and Bluetooth PDA, and mix calls between the different communication media. And with Plantronics new Spokes software, you can now use the headset Remote Call Control with softphones on your Mac.

The Savi W700 series also offers monaural (single ear) and binaural (2-ears) models for noisier environments.

Voyager Pro UC

Voyager Pro UC B230

Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth Headset System

The Voyager Pro UC  is a unique Bluetooth headset system with both PDA and PC voice connectivity.  Your mobile office is now unified like never before with the next generation Voyager™ PRO UC system. With revolutionary Smart Sensor technology, you can answer a call by simply putting on your headset, and when you do, it automatically updates your softphone presence so colleagues know your availability – and that’s just the beginning from a proven performer in delivering premium sound quality and comfort. The Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth earpiece is also a great performer when you go on the road. It features advanced AudioIQ2 technology that cancels noise while retaining the natural sound of your voice, and WindSmart® technology that aggressively blocks intrusive wind noise. A great little device for combined mobile and office voice applications.

Savi W440

Savi W440

Savi W440 DECT Wireless Headset for PC Voice Applications

The Savi®440 is the first portable DECT™ headset system on the market and now includes the ultra-light WH500 earpiece. Enjoy your choice of three wearing styles and wireless freedom to multi-task up to 300 feet from your desk. And you can change the hot swappable battery (option with deluxe charging cradle) in mid-conversation for unlimited talk time. Enjoy advanced audio technology and  world class sound quality, all in one convenient, portable package. Ideal for users in campus-like business environments using a laptop for voice calls and multimedia, the hands-free Savi 440 wireless headset system has been found particularly effective when used with Dragon Speech Recognition software.

For more information about communications products from Comfort Telecom Canada, please visit out website at http://www.comfortcanada.com/, or contact us at the Calgary Alberta office at calgary{at}comfortcanada{dot}com.

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